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SACRED WARRIOR - WAITING IN DARKNESS (*NEW-CD, 2013) Brilliant prog metal ala classic Queensryche

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TREMENDOUS, BRILLIANT CD!  Melodic power/progressive metal at it's very best!


Waiting in Darkness is everything craved in a Sacred Warrior could be argued the band has never sounded better.
                                          Mark Allen HardRockHaven.Net

Lead vocalist Eli Prinsen sounds just like Geoff Tate did when he sang on the classic era Queensryche albums. In fact, if someone would have played me Waiting In Darkness without letting me know who was the artist behind it, I would have told them that I did not realize that Tate had reformed with his old bandmates and that the band had finally recaptured their vintage sound.
                                                     Olivier / Sleeze Roxx Reviews

...aptly named guitarist Bruce Swift puts on a clinic of bludgeoning riffs (did I say that Waiting In Darkness is Sacred Warrior’s heaviest release?) while proving every bit as adept from a soloing standpoint (his blistering leads shine on “Desperately Wicked” and “In Dust And Ashes”).  Underrated drummer Tony Velazquez continues to stand out with his trademark heavy set timekeeping skills.
                                                      Angelic Warlord Reviews

"This whole project is fantastic, but this particular song (Dust & Ashes) is off the charts! When it switches the riff and goes into the guitar solo, I enter a different state of consciousness and I have a fit of pure metal joy!"
                                                        .....elated Youtube Metal Fan
  • 90% Rating on
  • #5 in Top 15 Albums Of 2013 (Angelic Warlord)
  • Includes new vocalist, Eli Prinsen 
  • Includes the classic instrumental Sacred Warrior line-up
  • Classic Sacred Warrior sound in-line with their classic releases
Released in 2013, Sacred Warrior's first new album in 25 years floored even long-time fans of the band!  With Rey Parra, the voice of classic Sacred Warrior albums, now replaced by Eli Prinsen, fans held their collective breath....well, we have all been breathing very easily ever since the album's release, since Eli not only holds his own, but proves to be a perfect fit for the band.  Powerful, crushing classic metal drips from the grooves of this album from top to bottom. The classic Queensryche sound still present, but with all the hooks and signature sounds that elevated the band to elite status in both the Christian and mainstream music worlds.  For fans of Queensryche, Master Plan, and Iron maiden.  

Side A
1 Desperately Wicked 5:25
2 Waiting In Darkness 5:54
3 Sinking Sand 3:15
4 In Dust And Ashes 4:03
5 Fallen Hero 4:48
6 Fear Me 4:31
7 Long Live The King 4:27
8 Jealous Love 4:24
9 Living Sacrifice 4:00
10 Day Of The Lord 3:45
11 Temples On Fire 3:45

Fans have been waiting a long time for Sacred Warrior's 5th studio album and now it is finally here and the wait was worth it! The biggest disappointment is that Ray Parra is not on this album as he and the band parted ways, however, the new vocalist Eli Prinsen fits Sacred Warrior very well. Prinsen is not a Parra sound-alike but he can hit all the high notes and is capable of all the same soaring power metal attack that Parra could give. The style is also surprisingly heavy for Sacred Warrior, who thankfully have not opted for a "modern rock" or nu-metal (alternative metal) sound that so many older bands have tried to attempt. No, this is the same progressive-tinged power metal style that Sacred Warrior is known for, and yet they're not trapped in the late 80's early 90's. This is a progression to the next level but true to their pedigree of power metal.

Therefore you can be rest assured that Tony's drum work is powerful, fast, and complex and that Bruce Swift still delivers the goods in heavy guitar riffs and blistering lead-work. Bruce seems to be hitting shred territory on a few of his solos. The band is also still committed to singing about God's word(which I am happy about). There are too few Christian metal bands that are this good anymore; (and in this style of metal). However even non-Christians should dig this as there is nothing overtly preachy about the lyrics, this is just great metal! Production quality is strong and certainly the best and loudest yet for Sacred Warrior. They even redo a couple of older tracks at the end of the album 'Day of the Lord' from the 1st album and 'Temples on Fire' from their 4th (Obsession). In closing, if you like good power metal in the style of early Queensryche, later Judas Priest, or Impelliterri than I highly recommend this awesome new addition to the Sacred Warrior discography. This album may very well put them on the map in today's metal scene!

Track Listing: “Desperately Wicked” (5:25), “Waiting In Darkness” (5:54), “Sinking Sand” (3:15), “In Dust And Ashes” (4:02), “Fallen Hero” (4:47), “Fear Me” (4:30), “Long Live The King” (4:26), “Jealous Love” (4:24), “Living Sacrifice” (4:00), “Day Of The Lord” (3:45), “Temples On Fire” (3:44)

Eli Prinsen - Lead Vocals
Bruce Swift - Guitars
Joe Petit - Keyboards
Steve Watkins - Bass
Tony Velazquez - Drums