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THE AWFUL TRUTH - THE AWFUL TRUTH (CD, 2024, Brutal Planet) Pre-Galactic Cowboys + Sam Taylor (King's X/ZZ Top)

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***RELEASE DATE: July 5th, 2024

THE AWFUL TRUTH - THE AWFUL TRUTH (CD, 2024, Brutal Planet) Pre-Galactic Cowboys + Same Taylor (King's X/ZZ Top)


  • Officially licensed
  • Originally released 1989, Metal Blade Records
  • Part of the exclusive Metal Icon Series
  • Limited to just 500 CD copies
  • Remastered by Rob Colwell
  • 12-panel lyrics booklet / jewel case
  • Produced by Sam Taylor (King's X, ZZ Top, Galactic Cowboys, Atomic Opera)
  • Features Alan Doss and Monty Colvin who went on to form Galactic Cowboys

Bass, Vocals – Monty Colvin
Drums, Vocals – Alan Doss
Guitar, Vocals – David Von Ohlerking
Producer – Sam Taylor


The Awful Truth – The Best Band That (Almost) Never Was!

In the late 80s, King's X had just launched their now-iconic Sam Taylor-produced debut album Out of the Silent Planet (1988), ushering in what would soon become known as the “Houston sound.” This sound was a unique blend of progressive metal, groove, rock, and rich harmonies. Around the same time, another band began making waves: The Awful Truth. They had recorded their debut album for mainstream Metal Blade Records but sadly broke up before it even came out. By the time the album was released in 1989, two-thirds of The Awful Truth had formed a new band with two other members, the now-legendary Galactic Cowboys, further defining that groovy-metallic Houston Sound.

Although signed to the infamous Metal Blade Records (known for releasing albums by Slayer, Fates Warning, Voivod, etc.), The Awful Truth's eponymous album featured poetic lyrics expressing a sincere faith. A key example is “Ghost of Heaven”:

High above the highest star
Songs of You the angels sing
Only You could fill my heart
Only You could bring me where You are

Ghost of Heaven, hear my plea
Holy voice, won’t you speak to me?

Most of the material was written by David von Ohlerking and is adventurous, though more in a traditional progressive context, not foreshadowing the unpredictable style of the Galactic Cowboys. The one track with shared writing credits is "Drowning Man," where you can definitely hear the chugging riffs and rhythms that would characterize Monty Colvin and Alan Doss' next project. The distinctive guitar sound, overdriven/mid-rangey bass tones, and oblique Christian imagery in the lyrics are reminiscent of the first four King's X records, but The Awful Truth ventures into heavier and more progressive territory. The epic "Should Have Known All Along" might even be mistaken for a lost King's X song, especially with the way Ohlerking's vocals break at the end, sounding very Dug Pinnick-like. The end result is a stone-cold classic in every way.

The 2024 Brutal Planet Records reissue has been completely remastered by Rob Colwell (Nevermore, Flotsam & Jetsam, King's X, Poundhound, Voivod, etc.) and it sounds better than ever! Packaged in a jewel case with a 12-page lyrics booklet featuring band photos, this limited edition of just 500 CDs is a must-have. Grab this slab of progressive hard rock brilliance while you can!

It Takes So Long    5:46
Circle Of Pain    5:18
I Should Have Known All Along    7:32
Higher    7:17
Ghost Of Heaven    4:41
No Good Reason    6:16
Drowning Man    5:56
Mary    5:31

It Takes So Long/Circle Of Pain/I Should Have Known All Along/Higher/Ghost Of Heaven/No Good Reason/Drowning Man/Mary