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NEVERMORE - DEAD HEART IN A DEAD WORLD (*NEW-CASSETTE TAPE, 2022, Brutal Planet) Limited to 100 copies

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  • Limited to just 100 copies world-wide
  • Authentically licensed 2000 classic album released on Century Media
  • The legendary Andy Sneap produced
  • With the coveted Brutal Planet cassette reissue treatment
  • Elite 2022 Remaster by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound
  • Features vocalist Warrel Dane from the iconic band, Sanctuary!
  • Cover song of Sound of Silence (Simon & Garfunkel)
  • Received a 9 out of 10 rating from Blabbermouth Reviews


Dead HeartNevermore not only released one of the very best metal albums of the year 2000, they also created a sound through which they would eventually achieve heavy metal perfection. 

Dead Heart in a Dead World may have arrived hot on the heels of Dreaming Neon Black, but it did so with some immediately noticeable differences. The opening salvo of “Narcosynthesis” reveals a beefier guitar sound thanks to Jeff Loomis transitioning to the seven-stringed version of the instrument — a move fueled by his longtime love for Meshuggah. Coupled with the Andy Sneap production, the move to the seven-string seemed to finally make audible a sinister heaviness that had always resided latently within the Nevermore sound of old. The album also saw Dane taking on a more diverse vocal approach as he manages to nail powerful ballads like “Evolution 169” and “The Heart Collector” while also savagely laying waste on tracks like “Engines of Hate” and “We Disintegrate.” The result of all of these changes was a record that was not only heavier than Nevermore‘s previous output, but also more immediately accessible. And it couldn’t have come at a better time. Dead Heart in a Dead World was released a few weeks before Linkin Park‘s Hybrid Theory — arguably the height of the mainstream nü metal movement. Its combination of down-tuned, chugging riffs, stratospheric shredding and brutal thrashing served as a bridge between two worlds, equally capable of pleasing casual fans of heavy radio-friendly music and true metalheads alike. A song like “The River Dragon Has Come” seems as if it was specifically designed to lure wide-legged-pants-wearing nü metal punks into the metal underground with its massive grooves, Dane’s dramatic vocals, and one of Loomis’ all-time greatest solos, and the band’s devastatingly heavy cover of Disturbed‘s “The Sound of Silence” makes it seem as if the song was always meant to be performed by Nevermore. With Dead HeartNevermore not only released one of the very best metal albums of the year 2000, they also created a sound through which they would eventually achieve heavy metal perfection. The stage may be empty now, but each time fans spin this record, they are reminded that even when we feel like we can believe in nothing else, we can believe in Nevermore.  The 2022 Brutal Planet Records Cassette is limited to just 100 copies world-wide!  

1 Narcosynthesis 5:31
2 We Disintegrate 5:11
3 Inside Four Walls 4:39
4 Evolution 169 5:51
5 The River Dragon Has Come 5:05
6 The Heart Collector 5:55
7 Engines Of Hate 4:42
8 The Sound Of Silence 5:13 (Paul Simon
9 Insignificant 4:56
10 Believe In Nothing 4:21
11 Dead Heart, In A Dead World

Narcosynthesis/We Disintegrate/Inside Four Walls/Evolution 169/The River Dragon Has Come/The Heart Collector/Engines Of Hate/The Sound Of Silence/Insignificant/Believe In Nothing/Dead Heart, In A Dead World