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PHIL KEAGGY - IN THE QUIET HOURS (*Pre-owned CD, 2001, Word)

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PHIL KEAGGY - IN THE QUIET HOURS (*Pre-owned CD, 2001, Word) 

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1 Growing Grass
2 In The Quiet Hours
3 Vermillion Strands
4 Waterfall
5 Blue Room
6 Foreshadow
7 Phantasy
8 The Black Forest
9 Floating On Ice
10 The Apprentice
11 As It Is In Heaven
12 The Way Of A Painter (2nd Movement)
13 Spencer's Dream
14 The Blue Planet

All of the songs on this CD (except for one track, "As It Is in Heaven") were previously released in 1999 as part of Keaggy's 4-CD Music to Paint By series: Electric Blue, Still Life, Brushstrokes and Splash. What you get here is nearly an hour's worth of instrumentals from one of the music world's truly gifted guitarists.
Of the fourteen instrumentals on this disc, a couple are under a minute ("Growing Grass" and "Foreshadow), but most are fully conceived songs averaging about four minutes each. The closing song "The Blue Planet," however, is more than twice that long at nine and a half minutes.
Keaggy works in a variety of settings, playing both acoustic and electric guitars, as well as performing solo and with additional musicians, including a second guitarist (Tom Shinness) on a couple of cuts as well as adding percussion and saxophone.
Overall, this is a very enjoyable album and with the Music to Paint By series currently out of print--except through Keaggy's website--this is a wonderful introduction. RECOMMENDED