Accu§er - Teutonic Thrash Titans (*NEW 3-CD Box Set, 2023, Brutal Planet) 4x 80's Classic Thrash Albums on 3 CDs! Crunchy 80's Thrash Brilliance!

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Accu§er - Teutonic Thrash Titans (*NEW 3-CD Box Set, 2023, Brutal Planet) 4 Classic Thrash Albums on 3 CDs! Crunchy 80's Thrash Metal
  • Limited to just 500 copies
  • Classic 80's Thrash Metal ala Metallica/Megadeth 3-CD Set of 4 Albums!
  • Remastered to perfection by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound
  • Includes The Conviction (1987) + Experimental Errors (1988) + Double Talk (1991) + Repent (1992)
  • Includes O-ring over and 8-panel digipak
  • Includes 6 bonus tracks
  • Includes one Ltd Accuser Collector Card
  • 36 total tracks!
  • 16 page booklet with many rare band/collectibles pics


Contemporaries with Sodom, Destruction, and Kreator, German thrash heroes Accuser became a household name in their own country in the late 80's/early 90's with USA fans paying outrageous sums to get the band's thrash metal classics imported into their trembling hands.  Teutonic Thrash Titans is a 3-CD Set that includes the complete albums of The Conviction (1987) + Experimental Errors (1988) + Double Talk (1991) + Repent (1992).  These four albums, along with the critically acclaimed masterpiece Who Dominates Who? are the early Accuser albums that fully embraced crunchy, 80's thrash metal with melodic vocals in the vein of classic Metallica, Megadeth, Dark Angel, and Anthrax. The album is packaged in an 8-panel digipak, with a Ltd Collector Card of Accuser and all albums have been completely remastered by Bombworks Sound (Rob Colwell) - and YES - they sound better than EVER!  Expect pure thrash metal ear candy in every way.  The digipak comes wrapped in a deluxe O-card for added value, protection, and elegance.  Fans are treated to a 16-page booklet, six bonus tracks and 36 total tracks on the 3 discs.  If you like 80's thrash, we can't recommend these classic albums strongly enough!  Limited to just 500 copies.  

Track Listing

Disc 1
The Conviction (1987)

Evil Liar 5:56
Sadistic Terror 3:19
Down By Law 7:18
Law Of War 4:10
Accuser 10:20
The Conviction 6:06
Screaming For Guilt 4:01
Experimental Errors EP (1988)
The Persuasion 1:29
Black Suicide 6:14
Terroristic Violence 6:00
Technical Excess 8:00
F-H-W-C 3:42
'Ratouli' 0:25

Disc 2
Double Talk (1991) + 3 bonus tracks
Double Talk 2:53
The Freeze 5:29
Money 6:59
Flag Waver 8:13
Why Me 5:02
Instinct Articulation 0:32
Revolution 8:05
Alcowhore 7:24
CD Bonus Tracks
Black Suicide 4:54
Master of Disaster 6:45
Symbol of Hate 4:55

Disc 3
Repent (1992) + 3 bonus tracks

Rotting From Within 4:12
Repent 4:58
Get Saved 4:31
Sacrifice Machine 6:28
The Living Dead 4:18
The Drones 4:17
Judgement Gone Blind 5:40
Nosferatu 4:03
Metal Machine Music 5:30
CD Bonus Tracks
Get Saved 4:32
Judgement Gone Blind 4:25
Sacrifice Machine 6:42

Disc 1
The Conviction album

Evil Liar/Sadistic Terror/Down By Law/Law Of War/Accuser/The Conviction/Screaming For Guilt
Experimental Errors EP
The Persuasion/Black Suicide/Terroristic Violence/Technical Excess/F-H-W-C/'Ratouli'

Disc 2
Double Talk (1991) + 3 bonus tracks
Double Talk/The Freeze/Money/Flag Waver/Why Me/Instinct Articulation/Revolution/Alcowhore/Bonus Tracks Black Suicide/Master of Disaster/Symbol of Hate

Disc 3
Repent (1992) + 3 bonus tracks

Rotting From Within/Repent/Get Saved/Sacrifice Machine/The Living Dead/The Drones/Judgement Gone Blind/Nosferatu/Metal Machine Music/CD Bonus Tracks Get Saved/Judgement Gone Blind/Sacrifice Machine