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ARMAGEDDON - MONEY MASK: From the Vault Series (*NEW-Vinyl, 2018 **Last Copies!

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.ARMAGEDDON - MONEY MASK: From the Vaults Series (*NEW-Vinyl, 2018, Retroactive Records)

RRV1449 ARMAGEDDON - MONEY MASK (From the Vaults) Retroactive Records 656165850686

Artist: Armageddon
Packaging:  Black Vinyl with limited packaging in resealable poly sleeve 
Barcode:  656165850686
Release Date: June 10th, 2018

#2 in a series to called "FROM THE VAULT" (Retroactive Records) (Killed by Cain wasf #1) featuring basic packaging similar to the Roxx Records Underground Series which provides packaging around the vinyl that fits in a resealable poly sleeve to hold the vinyl and two-sides full color jacket with lyrics and a spine. 

This is a full-on 1989 (originally on Regency Records) classic metal masterpiece!  Power metal for fans of Iron Maiden, Sacred Warrior, and Barren Cross.  This even includes Joe Hasselvander from the mainstream metal band, Raven!  

Digitally remastered by Rob Colwell at Bombworks Sound in 2018 and limited to just 150 copies world-wide this is some seriously limited edition melodic metal ear candy! Don't delay - as we expect these to sell out quickly!  This is the first official, band sponsored release of this classic album on vinyl! 

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