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DOLLY PARTON - SLOW DANCING WITH THE MOON (*Used-CD, 1993, Columbia)                                           SDOTM92119

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Being one of those people who didn't follow Dolly Parton's career over the decades, I have been discovering what she has done. Like many, I of course knew a few of her classics,but never realised how many wonderful songs she has done, written and sung or covered, many of which have been ignored or underestimated and which are as good if not better than those she is famous for. I guess that's what comes from being such a prolific songwriter, over 4000 to her name. It has been a great pleasure and real surprise going back to get some of her earlier records/cds and listen to them. This CD from 1993 is really great and did not disappoint. Here is a classic blend of pop, light rock, celtic, gospel and pure country, she shows her talent as solo artist, songwriter, singer with two, three, four and more. The Mighty Fine band are in mighty form, but she is also accompanied by Chet Atkins, Tany Tucker, Billy Ray,Vince Gill, Billy Dean,Emmy Lou, Pam Tillis,A.Krauss, Kathy Mattea, Maura O connell to name a few. The title song SLOW DANCING WITH THE MOON, written by Mac Davis, is a gem, you have to hear it to understand, but it is beautiful, she sings it perfectly. Her own song WHAT WILL BABY BE, is one of the finest celtic/country soulful pieces I have ever heard.Also her own, I'LL MAKE YOUR BED, is a real special song and lovely melody, Chet's accompanying guitar is special. ROMEO, the most well known is a fun, rocky number. I really liked, CROSS MY HEART, written by R.Dennison her sister, R.Parton, her brother and Frank Dycus. I could go on, I would just tell you, go listen to it. There is one song FULL CIRCLE, written and sung by Dolly,which is surprising for lyrics. While being a good song, is not the best track of the album, but is particularly interesting for its words. I think it is one of the songs that comes closest to expressing her feeligs towards her husband Carl Dean, and for that, it is an unashamedly transparent and revealing song.
Loved the CD, haven't tired of it yet.