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ACCUSER - AGITATION (*NEW-CD w Collector Card, 2022, Brutal Planet) Crushing German Thrash Metal

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ACCUSER - AGITATION (*NEW-CD, 2022, Brutal Planet)


It’s good to know that Accuser is around, the thrash metal scene kind of feels safer with their intense rifforamas keeping the fans alive and moving; world domination continues to elude them, but the underground has already preserved a firm spot for them in the “reliant metal stalwarts” pantheon.
                                                  METAL-ARCHIVES REVIEWS 

Imagine a mix of late 80's Metallica, mixed with later day Testament, some of the groove of Pantera and perhaps just a touch of Machine Head. That's sort of the mixture of sound that makes up "Dependent Domination."
              NOLIFETILMETAL REVIEWS (Scott Waters)

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  • Limited to just 1000 CDs
  • Part of the elite Metal Icon Series
  • Expanded booklets in jewel case
  • Digitally remastered to perfection
  • Limited edition foil-stamped collector cards (1st pressing only)
  • Available on limited edition CD, Cassette, and Vinyl (late 2022) (for the first time ever!).

When talking about Teutonic (German) Thrash Legend Pioneers it’s essential to speak of 
ACCU§ER with the same hushed reverence as SODOMKREATOR, and DESTRUCTION. ACCU§ER is a thrash metal band from Kreuztal, Germany that formed in the early 80’s flying the crunchy speed & thrash metal flag with all the fervor of the most intense mosh pit imaginable. Despite not landing a contract with a major label for their early albums, the band continued to release a string of successful underground releases before disbanding for eight years. After Frank and René decided to get Accuser back together, the saga continued with the band releasing one album with Century Media and their three most recent albums with Metal Blade Records. The guitars are energetic and thick as a brick with aggressive melodic vocals. ACCU§ER is the perfect band for those who worship at the altar of technical thrash and speed metal in the vein of classic Metallica, Slayer, Believer, Death Angel, Dark Angel and Deliverance. With such strong lyrical content and musical brilliance, fans can now have access to these previously high-priced collectibles. AGITATION's 2022 Remaster on Brutal Planet Records is essential head-banging

1 No Feats 4:57
2 Chaincrusher 4:17
3 Century Of The Fall 4:07
4 King Of South 6:00
5 Agitation 2:52
6 Prophecies 4:57
7 The Eye Of The Truth 4:53
8 Strength For All 5:55
9 Criminal Solution 6:42

NOTILMETAL REVIEWS of original issue release (Scott Waters)
It's simply astonishing the number of thrash bands that have reformed from the 1980's after dispersing and disappearing in the mid-to-late 1990's. Add Germany's Accu§er to the mix. Their decade long career started around 1986 and ended somewhere around 1995-96. Only a single member remains here from the band's 1987 debut "The Conviction", vocalist/guitarist Frank Thoms. However, long-time lead guitarist René Schütz, who joined Accu§er on ther 1988 Experimental Errors EP, is also on-board for this reunion. The rhythm section consists of Frank Kimpel (bass) and Olli Fechner (drums). The four original formed under the new name Scartribe and began recording some demos. Eventually the band just decided to return to the name Accu§er, and why not? The band's first new release in 15 years, "Agitation," sounds like it could have been the immediate follow-up to 1995's "Taken By the Throat".

Unlike many of the reformed bands and the hordes of New Wave of Thrash Metal bands, Accu§er have not tried to recapture 1985 all over again. Rather the band moves forward with a sound that is a nice mixture of modern metal and classic thrash metal. "Agitation" is not only a return to where the band left off, but is actually more solid from front to back than their last record. Rather than just trying to hammer everyone over the head with a "heavier-than-thou" approach, they offer creativity in the songwriting and aren't afraid to slow things down when necessary and even add in some elements that many traditional thrash metal bands would avoid.

The sound here is heavy, down-tuned, slightly technical, with melodic guitar lines that keep the songs feeling fresh. As a matter of fact, after two opening songs that will crush any listener like a 10 ton weight, "Century of the Fall" adds in some nice Thin Lizzy inspired dual-guitar leads. "No Feats" is a crushing opener, with some choice guitar leads and nice melody wrapped-up against Thoms brute-force vocals. "Chaincrusher" follows up with more speed and pummeling heavy riffs that are sure to get most metal fans head banging along. "King of South" and "Strength of All" switch up the pace a bit, moving more into the slower, groove-based, yet equally heavy territories. "King of the South" features some more melodic guitar parts and a choice guitar solo jumbled into the song. Oddly enough, the title track is a melodic, mellow instrumental that reminded me of the opening moments of Kiss' "Rock Bottom". The song acts as an intro to "Prophecies", a song that has a great lead section and a killer thrash drive in the verses, but also features a 'core breakdown that are sure to turn off some thrash metal purists. However, that down-tuned breakdown gives way to the guitar solo section and some nice dual leads. As stated, "Agitation" is a mixture of modern metal and classic thrash metal. Kudos to Accu§er for doing what they want and not jumping on a bandwagon.

“Agitation” is a solid comeback and a viciously under-appreciated release by this classic German band. It's not an album for those looking for a kick-back to 1985, but those who can appreciate a band that has transformed their thrash metal into something new will find plenty to digest here.