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ACCUSER- DIABOLIC (*NEW-CD w Collector Card, 2022, Brutal Planet) elite German Thrash

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BPCD1594 ACCUSER - DIABOLIC 637405141337

  • Originally released 2013 (German import)
  • Limited to just 1000 CDs
  • Part of the elite Metal Icon Series
  • Expanded booklets in jewel case
  • Digitally remastered to perfection
  • Limited edition foil-stamped collector cards (1st pressing only)
  • Available on limited edition CD and Vinyl (for the first time ever!)
  • "Diabolic" is a neck-breaking, ear-splitting, head-busting thrash metal album and easily one of the best of 2013. (Scott Waters - NoLifeTilMetal Reviews)

When talking about Teutonic (German) Thrash Legend Pioneers it’s essential to speak of
ACCU§ER with the same hushed reverence as SODOM, KREATOR, and DESTRUCTION. ACCU§ER is a thrash metal band from Kreuztal, Germany that formed in the early 80’s flying the crunchy speed & thrash metal flag with all the fervor of the most intense mosh pit imaginable. Despite not landing a contract with a major label for their early albums, the band continued to release a string of successful underground releases before disbanding for eight years. After Frank and René decided to get Accuser back together, the saga continued with the band releasing one album with Century Media and their three most recent albums with Metal Blade Records. The guitars are energetic and thick as a brick with aggressive melodic vocals. ACCU§ER is the perfect band for those who worship at the altar of technical thrash and speed metal in the vein of classic Metallica, Slayer, Believer, Death Angel, Dark Angel and Deliverance. With such strong lyrical content and musical brilliance, fans can now have access to these previously high-priced collectibles. These are essential head-bangers!  This 2013 release, Diabolic has been digitally remastered with an expanded collector's booklet and a Ltd Collector Card available in only the first pressing!

Apocalyptic Decay 6:03/Diabolic 5:47/Cannibal Insanity 5:09/Deification 5:49/Dethroned 6:56/Beyond The Blackness 6:53/Save Your Legend 5:14/Immortal Aggression 6:56/Remains Of Chaos 5:06/World Wide Violence 7:32

Album number three for Accu§er since reforming a few years ago. As with the last two, "Diabolic" is another fast and furious album of Teutonic thrash metal. Frank Thoms and Co. continue to mix together the old-school thrash metal ways of their own classic albums "Who Dominates Who?" and "Repent" with the more modern influences and production qualities of the criminally underrated "Reflections". The album opens with a short, melodic musical interlude before unleashing a fury that doesn't let up for the entirety of the album. It's pretty clear what Accu§er were setting out to do, create an album that is a fast aggressive aural assault that will grab you by the jugular and not let go until the very last note has faded. The entire album is packed full of infectious riffs. From front to back it's just one machine gun riff after another driving each and every song. Add to the bone crushing riffs a tight rhythm section and you've got the formula for "Diabolic". But where Accuser excels where other bands fail is in the songwriting. The speed for speed sake ethic can get very boring after a while if not coupled with strong songs and the right mix of melody and hooks. Accu§er have managed to find that perfect blend with all the speed, power, amplitude, hooks and melody.

Though I feel "Diabolic" is a solid album from front to back, after only a few spins, a few songs began to stick out in my mind. Album opener "Apocalyptic Decay" is a brilliant display of aggression with chugging riffs and Thorns' Sepultura-esque vocals. "Deification" is absolutely pummeling with Thorns sounds a bit like Chuck Billy at his most brutal. "Save You Legend" is definitely on of the standout cuts on the album. Like most of the songs, this song is built around aggressive, in-your-face riffing. The solo section and the bridge right after the solo is brilliant. As well, the dual lead in the middle of "Dethroned" leading into the infectious groove just after should grab the attention of thrash metal monger.

I've said it before and I'll say it again here, Accu§er deserve to be on the same level as the other well known German thrash bands and are easily one of the most underrated thrash bands to come out of the 80's. "Diabolic" is a neck-breaking, ear-splitting, head-busting thrash metal album and easily one of the best of 2013.