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Alice continually produces great albums. The variation on the album is not in quality , but the variation is in style. And that is the reason, or one of many, that Alice appeals on so many levels, and to such diverse interests. From the Heavy sound of BRUTAL PLANET back to the Moody variation of LACE AND WHISKEY, Alice's song are top quality. The Rock Rocks in the best way, and the ballads work in a musically fabulous way. The master lyricist achieves another great set of songs that are very good, and bear multiple listenings. The quality is just the same as a great book, the more you hear it, the more layers you find. Or even if you want just an album that rocks, and has great tunes in between... the hardest thing about an Alice "Best Of" is that there are so many great songs, and this is another cool set of 13 tunes from the Master Rocker himself.You also get a cool booklet, in a fairly decent digipak.

Woman Of Mass Distraction 4:00
Perfect 3:30
You Make Me Wanna 3:31
Dirty Diamonds 4:03
The Saga Of Jesse Jane 4:16
Sunset Babies (All Got Rabies) 3:28
Pretty Ballerina 3:02
Run Down The Devil 3:29
Steal That Car 3:17
Six Hours 3:25
Your Own Worst Enemy 2:15
Zombie Dance 4:23
Bonus Track
Stand 4:05