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ALICE COOPER - TRASH (*NEW-CD, 1989, Epic) Amazing classic rock!

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Poison 4:29
Spark In The Dark 3:51
House Of Fire 3:46
Why Trust You 3:12
Only My Heart Talkin' 4:47
Bed Of Nails 4:19
This Maniac's In Love With You 3:48
Trash 4:02
Hell Is Living Without You 4:10
I'm Your Gun 3:47

This album released 30 years ago, I was only 7 in 1989. So I wasn't too familiar with Alice Cooper outside of maybe hearing about him on TV or hearing a few of his songs featured in movies. Like "School's Out" or "He's Back, The Man Behind The Mask." So it was a long road ahead before I could fully appreciate Alice Cooper's music. Then in 2000 or 2001 I heard the song "Gimme", which had me sold on Alice Cooper. I bought Brutal Planet. Later on I would buy Dragontown. Once I had Spotify, I started exploring more of Alice Cooper's music. I started listening to his older albums and I absolutely loved it. So I end up buying favorite one, which is "Trash". Although there is nothing trashy about this album. I love songs like Poison, Bed Of Nails, Spark In The Dark, and Why Trust You. This album gets a solid 5 stars from me.