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Alove For Enemies ‎– Resistance (*NEW-CD, 2006, Facedown) Metalcore/Hardcore

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Alove For Enemies ‎– Resistance (*NEW-CD, 2006, Facedown) Metalcore/Hardcore                                                       ALE92219

An uncompromising view of the world today, a mutual love of heavy music, and an insatiable desire to set the record straight concerning their faith; these ingredients make up Long Island, NY’s Alove For Enemies. With their ever-evolving sound, made up of metal influenced hardcore, Alove For Enemies continues their onslaught with their latest project, "Resistance"; The highly anticipated follow up to "The Harvest".

"Resistance" is the product of a musical evolution that Alove For Enemies continues to nurture. Dark and bold, "Resistance" travels down the roads of the spiritually tormented and the since forgotten sense of camaraderie that the hardcore movement was based on. As honest in their lyrics as they are in their music, Alove For Enemies begins its next chapter with an explosive new record. Heavily influenced by the likes of bands such as Few Left Standing, Darkest Hour and Shai Hulud.

The Resistance 2:57
Tread On My Dreams 3:30
Hall Of Mirrors 3:03
Wishes For The Clothes Of Heaven 3:20
Call It Faith 2:48
EC-10 3:44
Rise Of The Phoenix 3:01
Not Without Incident 2:38
Welcome To The Underground 2:50
Emotion Is Chaos 1:50
Will Of Father 3:36