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BESTIARY - THE MURDER WHEEL (Pre-Dagon!) Indie 2003 - RARE!

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This band went on to for the epic Christian death metal band, DAGON.....and this is best described by a customer review.....


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5.0 out of 5 stars

Probably the best metal band you've never heard

ByJ. Miseneron

This little known band from MI brought the house down in its day. Anyone who has heard this knows what a gem it is. Brutal death style mixed with crushing breakdowns, powerful melody, and lightning fast riffing. Not to be missed.


1 Faceless Butcher

2 A Kiss For Dying

3 Of Cradles And Caskets

4 Funeral For An Angel

5 Hands Of The Futile

6 Burn The Eyes Of The Beholder

7 Bereavement

8 Animate The Haunting

9 Makeshift Existence

10 Black Roses And Steal Wings

11 Starving The Bloodthirsty

12 The Foundation Of Incineration