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BLOODGOOD - DETONATION (*NEW-GOLD DISC CD, 2024, Retroactive Records) Remastered Christian Metal Classic!

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Release Date:  February 21st, 2024

BLOODGOOD - DETONATION (*NEW-GOLD DISC CD, 2024, Retroactive Records) Remastered Christian Metal Classic!


“A masterful release that screams for a rock opera production to go with it, and the band did just that. ‘Crucify’ and ‘Messiah’ are a one-two punch of power and emotion.”Jeff McCormack (Heaven’s Metal Magazine)

Quite an original metal sound. Unforgettable tracks include the back-to-back “Crucify” and “Messiah,” but evangelistic fervor meets metal in “Self-Destruction” and the ballad “Alone in Suicide.”Doug Van Pelt (HM Magazine)


  • #8 on Heaven’s Metal Magazine’s Top 100 Christian Metal albums of all-time
  • #23 on HM Magazine’s Top 100 Christian Rock albums of all-time
  • #15 on the Christian Metal Realm Top 100 Christian Metal albums of all-time
  • 90% rating on Angelic Warlord Reviews
  • 12-page booklet with lyrics and photo collage
  • First time on Gold Disc to add elegance and discourage disc rot
  • Jewel case release wrapped in a collector’s dream cardboard O-ring with Gold Disc artwork
  • Original classic cover art is on the CD booklet inside the jewel case
  • The cardboard Gold Disc O-ring has the picture of the band running out of the castle (as seen on the back cover of the original release)
  • Originally released 1987 on Frontline/Alarma Records
  • 2024 remaster by Rob Colwell & Layout by Scott Waters (NoLifeTilMetal)

Along with Barren Cross, Stryper, and Resurrection Band, the Seattle-based Bloodgood (formed in 1985) pioneered the sounds of Christian hard rock with a commercial success that bands like Jerusalem and Barnabas had only hinted at achieving. Bloodgood had the look and the sound - dressing in spandex and churning out loud, heavy metal music on the order of Twisted Sister, Ratt, and Quiet Riot. On Detonation, the band takes a heavier, more aggressive approach. This is straightforward traditional heavy metal at its finest. In addition, Detonation finds Bloodgood coming into its own as songwriters, delivering some of the most exquisite compositions of its career, many which remain concert staples to this day. Opening tracks “Battle Of The Flesh,” “Vagrant People,” and “Self-Destruction” hit hard and fast – almost approaching speed metal territory – but reflect the musical maturity focused bands make between their first and second albums. The semi-ballad “Alone In Suicide,” bluesy “Heartbeat (Of The City)” and catchy “Eat The Flesh” might take a more melodic heading but still showcase the trademark crunch characteristic of early Bloodgood. Where Bloodgood puts it all together is the joining of power and emotion that is the theatrical “rock opera” of “Crucified” (as blistering a track as you will find) and “Messiah” (this one almost approaches melodic hard rock territory). The best way to sum up would be to state that Detonation placed #8 in a poll in Heaven’s Metal Magazine of the top 100 Christian metal albums of all time. It also placed #15 in another poll of the top 100 Christian metal albums (Christian Metal Realm). It is such respect from critics and fans alike that allows the album to ultimately stand the test of time and be considered Bloodgood’s signature release. The 2024 Retroactive Records GoldMax Gold CD reissue is a Collector’s Dream for such an important album - featuring a complete 2024 remaster by Rob Colwell (Deliverance, King’s X, Vengeance Rising), a deluxe 12-page booklet (featuring original cover art), with its jewel case wrapped in the Gold Disc cardboard O-ring for added elegance and protection. The O-ring features the classic image of the band running out of the castle (back of the original artwork). Limited to just 500 copies, trust us - this explosive reissue will blow you away! Boom!

Battle Of The Flesh
Vagrant People
Alone In Suicide
Heartbeat (Of The City)
Eat The Flesh
Holy Fire
The Messiah
Live Wire

Battle Of The Flesh/Vagrant People/Self-Destruction/Alone In Suicide/Heartbeat (Of The City)/Eat The Flesh/Holy Fire/Crucify/The Messiah/Live Wire