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BLOODGOOD - DETONATION (Special Edition) (*NEW-CD, B. Goode Records 2019) Remastered by Axeman David Zaffiro

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Contains 3 Unreleased Bonus Tracks
Jewel Case / 12 panel insert

Melodic Metal with Blazing Guitars and Huge Vocals

The 2019 Bloodgood Detonation Special Edition contains new unreleased bonus tracks and modified interior artwork. But if you think that's all Detonation has to offer you couldn't be more wrong.

This 1987 Detonation is on everybody's best Christian Rock albums of the decade, of the year or of the era. Regardless where it lands for you, it's clearly one of the most influential albums to ever grace the scene, thanks in part to the theatrics that were included with Crucify and Messiah. If you don't know what I'm talking about just watch this video first.

For all you audiofiles out there you'll be happy to know that this isn't just a refresh of the already remastered version that came out on Intense Millennium. It's a brand new remastered version with much deeper punch (i.e. low end EQ that wasn't possible back in 1986.

Bloodgood's David Zaffiro took exceptional care to rebuild Detonation from the ground up. Yes, David was the guitarist for Bloodgood's first 3 albums, which he eventually handed over the reigns to Paul Jackson. However David is now an award winning producer, engineer and songwriter with numerous dove awards and platinum and gold albums, winning Gold for Point of Grace and Platinum for Little Big Town as well as Passion's Better is One Day Video. He's also won 7 Dove Awards including Holy Soldier's Metal Album of the Year as well as Metal/Recorded Song of the year.

Bloodgood also dug deep into the archives and added 2 songs plus a guitar solo from the 1987 Live in Sacramento, CA show. You Loose, Guitar Burn and Vagrant People.

Les provides this insight! "This is the album where we went to the record company and said let us (the band) produce this album and we will deliver you a great metal album. We were the writers, the arrangers and the producers. Yes, we had an engineer (Doug Dole), but we (the band) wrote all the songs and oversaw the entire mix. We locked ourselves into a warehouse and worked all day long, every day until it was complete."

Dave Mustaine did a review of Detonation in Circus Magazine which discussed the relevance of a Christian Metal album and how Bloodgood did everything right.

What really surprising is how well this record still holds up. So many bands back in the day used reverb on everything and listening to some of those now, sounds a bit out-dated and hokey, yet Bloodgood's Detonation still sounds fresh and new. Les's voice is at it's peak which thankfully also stands up to today's rock vocals.

It's amazing what 30+ years can do to one's perspective and what 30+ years can do to cement your name as one of the greatest of Christian rock albums of all-time. Detonation is just that.

Battle Of The Flesh
Vagrant People
Alone In Suicide
Heartbeat (Of The City)
Eat The Flesh
Holy Fire
The Messiah
Live Wire

You Loose (Live in Sacramento 1987)
Zaffiro Guitar Burn (Live in Sacramento 1987)
Vagrant People (Live in Sacramento 1987)