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BLOODGOOD - OUT OF THE DARKNESS (Metal Icon Series) (*NEW-VINYL, 2023, Retroactive) Limited to just 200 copies!

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Release Date:  September 24th, 2023

  • -Originally released 1989 on Frontline Records
  • -Third classic album by iconic Christian rockers, Bloodgood
  • -Featuring the hit track, "Top of the Mountain"
  • -First time on Vinyl in the USA
  • -2023 Vinyl remaster by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound
  • -12x12 Full Color Insert
  • -Artwork layout by Scott Waters of NoLifeTilMetal
  • -Last album with legendary axeman, David Zaffiro (Zion, Holy Soldier)
  • -Limited to just 200 Vinyl units


    #18 on the Top 50 Albums of the 80's by AngelicWarlord.com

    A close second on my list of favorite Bloodgood albums but does not quite have the historic impact of Detonation.  Regardless, it features the heavier guitar and drum sounds along with two of the best ballads you will every hear (“Top Of The Mountain” & “Changing Me”). 

    There are some bands that specialize in melodic metal anthems - those songs that make you want to stand up, raise your hands in the air, sing at the top of your lungs, and jump around the room playing your finest air guitar! Kiss is one. Motley Crue in another. Stryper, oh yeah absolutely. And, with Out of the Darkness, Bloodgood showed they can write anthemic riffs with the best of them! One metal anthem after another, complete with trademark Les Carlsen vocals, and the return of bombastic Michael Bloodgood bass lines, the band's fourth album necessitates some serious head bangin' hard rock and metal! The 2023, Retroactive Records remastered reissue substantially enhances the original album, The 2023, Retroactive Records 2023 Bombworks Sound (Rob Colwell) remaster sounds better than ever (literally), and features high quality black heavy-weight vinyl with a 12x12 full color lyrics insert with band pictures. Limited to just 200 vinyl copies! This album is part of the elite Metal Icon Series series for a reason - it's a Christian Hard Rock masterpiece that sounds better now than ever! For fans of WASP, Barren Cross, Bride, Novella, Stryper, and Kiss! This is the ultimate version of this classic album.


    1. "Out of the Darkness" (3:43)
    2. "Let My People Go" (4:09)
    3. "America" (4:04)
    4. "It's Alright" (3:44)
    5. "Top Of the Mountain" (6:30)
    6. "Hey! You" (4:04)
    7. "Mad Dog World" (4:24)
    8. "Changing Me" (6:38)
    9. "New Age Illusion" (3:18)

    Out of the Darkness/Let My People Go/America/It's Alright/Top Of the Mountain/Hey! You/Mad Dog World/Changing Me/New Age Illusion