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BRAINCHILD - MINDWARP (2005, Retroactive) CD

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Album Notes

Originally released in 1992 on REX Records, a Limited Edition re-issue (only 1000 copies) was released on Retroactive Records January, 2005. Mindwarp is the one and only release by Scott Albert and producer Doug Mann under the monikor of Brainchild. The album was later remixed/re-recorded by Scott and re-issued in 1994 with the album itself being renamed Brainchild and the band monikor being changed to Circle Of Dust. But this is the original 1992 version where the band name is Brainchild and the album title is Mindwarp. This industrial metal bombshell has been digitally re-mastered and the original artwork is enhanced. For fans of Nine Inch Nails, Marily Manson, Prong, Argyle Park, Circle Of Dust, Angeldust, and Klank. Of it an HM Magazine reviewer said, 'the album captures the futuristic sound of industrial music with its rapidly programmed drum beats, sound effects, and the bombardment of musical and spoken word samples creating the sense that the listener is experiencing a multimedia musical event.' Tracks include: 'Cranial Tyrant,' 'Telltale Crime,' 'Prayers Of A Dead Man,' 'Regressor (Aggressive Mix),' 'Enshrined,' 'Course Of Ruin,' 'Descend,' 'Pale Reflection,' 'Aggressor (Regressor Mix).' 10 songs TT: 50:58 4-page insert w/lyrics