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BREAK POINT- FIRST SERVING (*New-CD, 2006, Regeneration Records) Hard Rock

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Rock/Hard Rock

This band came to life in the late 70's in Germany and reissued in 2006 by Regeneration Records. They were, however, a german/anglo/american band. Recorded in Frankfurt in one month, and sold at the band's shows only. Very good production for an indie, excellent vocals and accomplished instrumentation. By 1983, lead vocalist Daved Hallcom left the band. Replaced by english frontman Steve Tolley, they went to studio to record a 4 track demo to negotiate a record deal, but the band parted ways soon after.

Track Listing

1 Never Be That Way
2 The Best Of Me
3 Lifetime
4 Down, Down, Down
5 Hard Road
6 French Fried Kiss
7 Front Row Girl
8 The Wurst Song
9 Rockin', Rollin'
10 Sign Your Life Away
11 In My Mind
12 Fallin' In Love Again
13 Trust Your Mind