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BRIDE - ODDITIES (*NEW-CD, 1998, Organic Records) Dino & John Elefante Prod, Guardian plays

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BRIDE - ODDITIES (*NEW-CD, 1998, Organic Records)   OD91219

*Dino Elefante, John Elefante Produced

*Guardian - Tony Palacios (guitar) and Jamie Rowe (vocals)

*John Elefante (vocals) 

1 Intro 0:19
2 I Ain't Coming Down 2:33
3 Why Won't He Break 4:05
4 If I Told You It Was The End Of The World 4:20
5 I Found God 4:44
6 Close To The Center Of The Earth 5:02
7 Tomorrow Makes No Sense 4:35
8 Day By Day 4:11
9 Spirit 5:29
10 It Is Only When I'm Left Alone 4:07
11 God's Human Oddities 4:33
12 Under The Blood 4:50
13 Die A Little Bit Every Day 5:08
14 Restore Me 2:01

With Bride having nine former albums under their belt, there was sure to be some anticipation for this release. One thing to describe Bride is they know how to ROCK. Low and crunch'n guitar tones tend to drive their music. This CD provides perhaps a more diverse Bride than previous releases however. You have everything from the traditional rock/metal singles to a more 90's Soundgarden/Alice in Chains sound. Overall, it is a release that is sure please the traditional rocker as well as those that appreciate the more mainstream alternative sound. The musical depth of the album is more apparent with each listen. Give it a listen and crank it up!