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BRIDE - TSAR BOMBA (From the Vault) (*NEW-Black Vinyl, 2018, Retroactive Records)

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BRIDE - TSAR BOMBA (From the Vault) (*NEW-Black Vinyl, 2018, Retroactive Records) 

RRV1453 BRIDE - TSAR BOMBA (From the Vault) Retroactive Records
Artist: Bride
Title: Tsar Bomba (From the Vault)
Record Label: Retroactive Records
Product ID: RRCD1453
Packaging: Black Vinyl with limited packaging in resealable poly sleeve, lyrics, with side spine
Barcode: 656165850747
Release Date: June 2, 2018

#3 in a series to called "FROM THE VAULT" (Retroactive Records) (Killed by Cain was #1, and Armageddon - Money Mask #2) featuring basic packaging similar to the Roxx Records Underground Series which provides packaging around the vinyl that fits in a resealable poly sleeve to hold the vinyl and two-sides full color jacket with lyrics and a spine.

Tsar Bomba is the nickname for the RDS-220 hydrogen bomb developed by the Soviet Union in the early sixties, the largest and most powerful nuclear device ever detonated. Tsar Bomba is also the title to the 2009 release from Louisville, Kentucky based Bride, the group’s thirteenth full length album. The album received the title Tsar Bomba because, in the bands own words, “it is the Bride CD to end all Bride CDs” and was intended to be the last Bride release ever. It was obvious the band wanted to go out with a bang! Bride’s 2009 magnum opus was an artistic triumph of epic proportions. Fans were treated to an entire album filled with metal anthem after metal anthem exuding grit, heaviness, guitar heroics. and intelligence that wow’d both fans and critics. More than any other album, Tsar Bomba united fans of Snakes in the Playground with modern day Bride fans. Tsar Bomba was and continues to be the total package and that’s why it was a no-brainer when Retroactive Records was given the chance to reissue it on vinyl for the first time ever! Because of vinyl time constraints some of the tracks from the original CD release have been left off, including those amazing classical transition pieces (get the CD!), but the 9 tracks remaining for the vinyl reissue sound as if the album was always intended to be this way! #3 in the From the Vault Vinyl Series this has a semi-limited packaging with a wrap around jacket with a side spine that fits inside a re-sealable poly sleeve. Limited to just 150 units, do not delay in getting your vinyl copy of this essential Bride release! For fans of Guns 'n Roses, Skid Row, and metal with lots of bite!  

***And yes, watch for notifications that pre-orders are up for the 2018 CD and Vinyl release of Bride - Snake Eyes on Retroactive Records - an intentional return to the Snakes in the Playground era vibe is possibly the best release ever for this veteran band - it will not disappoint!  And, we are going to have some unbelievable pre-order incentives!  

Track Listing
All We Are
Love Shine
We Are Together
When I Was a Kid
The Last Thing I Feel
Nothing Means Anything To Me