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BRIDE - TSAR BOMBA (*NEW-CD, 2009, Retroactive Records)

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Label: Retroactive Records

Release Date: October 2009

Catalog Number: RAR7877

UPC: 845121010978

Style: Hard Rock/Metal

Tracks: 17

Time: 67:31

Lyrics: Yes

Packaging: 8 panel digipak (with tray)


Bride returns with the band?s 13th studio album and first new release since the breathtaking Skin For Skin (2006). Ever since the debut release of Show No Mercy (1986) Bride has given Metal fans across the globe a reason to rejoice. Aside from Stryper, no Christian metal band has had the longevity, vitality and impact of Bride over the last 23+ years.

"Tsar Bomba" is the Russian nickname of the RDS-202 hydrogen bomb, the largest and most powerful nuclear weapon ever detonated. Brothers Troy & Dale Thompson have created a truly lethal album of dangerous hard rock and metal! Of course, listeners are treated to Dale's trademark spot-on, searing vocals and Troy's guitar heroics. But Tsar Bomba resists the urge to play it safe and steps up to the task of offering fans an album that is passionate, creative and HEAVY! Listeners find Tsar Bomba engaging from start to finish as Bride intersperses acoustic and classical interludes throughout. Not only are these metal songs held together with the toughest riffs this side of Metallica, but it's one of the most melodic, hook-driven albums in the band's history! The end result is an explosive album of hypnotic heaviness that features the best of Bride's past even as is it showcases the band's seemingly endless ability to elevate to new levels of creativity. Only Bride sounds like Bride, but this will definitely appeal to fans of Skillet, The Showdown, Disciple, Sevendust and Metallica.