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Broken Flesh – Broken Flesh (*NEW-CD, 2015, Luxor Records) Elite Savage Crushing Christian Death Metal!

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Broken Flesh – Broken Flesh (*NEW-CD, 2015, Luxor Records) Elite Brutal Christian Death Metal!

Perhaps it's the fact that this band is comprised of Christians that they feel the need to prove themselves a little more against their secular metal brethren...whatever it is, after years of listening to death, doom and black, I have to say that this particular album is beyond the pale. Relentless is the word that comes to mind - literally, this album never lets up. Brandon Lopez has to be one of the best death metal drummers since Flo Mounier of Cryptopsy, by the way. Somehow, Broken Flesh combine the technical drumming of the aforementioned band with the straight-up brutality of Corpsegrinder-era Cannibal Corpse (think albums such as "Vile" and "Bloodthirst") with just a touch of the overwhelming aural presence of death/doom legends like Incantation. What separates Broken Flesh from many death metal bands is their sheer ferocity; to be honest, oftentimes, I found bands like Cannibal Corpse to be heavy, yes, but rather repetitive and ultimately feeling a bit tired (going through the motions sort of thing)...other bands like Incantation get lost in trying to sound "evil". Broken Flesh, however, combines the intensity of early Cryptopsy and Nile with the focus on message that one might find in bands like Immolation. And just because these guys are Christian doesn't mean the lyrics aren't pure death metal - just written from a different perspective, is all. A savage, nearly-exhausting release from one of the best bands in the genre.

1 Valley Of Mass Crucifixion 2:53
2 Blood Harvest 2:47
3 Consumed By Death 2:34
4 Buried Alive 3:08
5 Hell 3:09
6 Cries Of The Dead 3:00
7 Forever In Flames 3:11
8 Unworthy 3:10
9 Exalt 2:26
10 Ignominy 3:12
11 By His Blood 2:20
12 Hate 3:04