Broomtree ‎– Maybe This Time (*NEW-CD, 2001, Rustproof Records) Great fuzzed-out guitars!

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Broomtree ‎– Maybe This Time (*NEW-CD, 2001, Rustproof Records) Great fuzzed-out guitars!

This is my third Broomtree album, and just like the first two, I am quite crazy about it. I bought this a little late...I didn't get around to purchasing it until 2006. When it first came out, I sampled it at the store and was so put off by how much the sound had changed that I was not compelled to buy it immediately. Then time slipped by and I almost missed out on the opportunity to get this great album.

Now that I have it, I realize my first impression was very wrong. Yes, it is a musical departure from their previous album, but it's still Broomtree all the way. Their first two albums were very uptempo. Their debut had a delightful rough edge to it, and their second was more polished with a sound that sometimes reminded me of The Go-Go's. On this third album, the tempo was brought down for most tracks, and much to my delight, the fuzz was turned way up! Yes, floating way-fuzzed-out guitars is right down my line, so I have thoroughly enjoyed this album.

While Broomtree's music is right down my line, what sets them clearly above the rest is their lyrics. The lyrics are explicitly Christian without being trite. Many of the songs are vertically directed. While the lyrics are not what would be called "praise & worship," I have had many hours of worship experiences through this CD.

With great fuzzed-out guitars, female vocals, and inspiring lyrics, the quality of this album made it my #1 album for 2006. I have continued to enjoy the album regularly this year, and am sure I will enjoy it for years to come, just as I have Broomtree's first two albums. As far as I can tell, Broomtree disbanded after releasing this album. I am disappointed about not being able to get any more albums by them, but at least the ones they made are so good, I can keep on listening to them and they never wear out.

1 This Thought 4:38
2 Find Me 3:36
3 Remain 4:08
4 Song Of Desire 5:17
5 Maybe This Time 3:35
6 Reach Past 4:09
7 Deliver Me 3:25
8 Dreams 4:38
9 Your Touch 3:20
10 Sunshine 4:47
11 By My Side 5:02