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BROWBEATS - BROWBEATS PRESENT WITHER WING (*NEW-ORANGE VINYL, 2024, Retroactive) Mike Knott, Gene Eugene, Terry Taylor, SF59, EDL, Plankeye +

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****Release Date:  May 24th, 2024****

On the whole, Browbeats Presents Wither Wing is a great concept of strong interest to any fan of alternative music, especially of these featured musicians. The songs are well-made and catchy, drawing on recognizable classic and modern rock sounds which are kept far from staleness by the dynamic personalities of the players. Music Critic, Josh Spencer / The Phantom Tollbooth Reviews

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  • Officially licensed
  • Originally released 1998 on Alarma Records
  • Remastered by Rob Colwell (Sixpence, Mad At the World)
  • 12x12 lyrics insert
  • Limited to just 200 copies world-wide
  • Limited number of original issue Wither Wing (Alarma Records) CD copies in stock!
  • Featuring Michael Knott (LSU, etc), Gene Eugene (Adam Again/Lost Dogs), Terry Scott Taylor (DA/Lost Dogs), Jason Martin (Starflyer 59, Ted Cookerly (EDL), Scott Silletta (Plankeye), Wayne Everett (Prayer Chain), Andy Prickett (Violet Burning/Prayer Chain), Chuck Cummings (Common Bond, LSU, Dakota Motor Co, etc), Andrew Carter (LSU & Love Tractor)

Browbeats is not a group, but the name provides a convenient reference point to list two of the best Christian albums ever made. It is unclear just how related the two are (the first is actually attributed to Brow Beat—two words), except that some of the same artists (notably Michael Knott and Gene Eugene) are involved in production and songwriting. In the late ’90s, having written more great songs than he could possibly record with his various projects (Aunt Bettys, LSU, Bomb Bay Babies), Michael Knott  assembled an all-star studio band to back various vocalists in recording a few of them. Sort of like engineering your own tribute album—except that most of the songs were new and many cried out for a different voice and style than Knott would have given them. The result is an album that sounds like a compilation, but with more internal coherence than such projects generally have. Plus, again, most of these songs could not be found anywhere else. The tone of the second album, Wither Wing departs from the heaviness of life by being way more upbeat, rocking and gleefully playful than the debut (Unplugged Alternative). Wither Wing departs from the upbeat, playful tone with one exception - the title track - which is a slow Beatlesque song sung by Everett (Prayer Chain/Violet Burning) and moved along by Eugene's retro-mellow emotive keyboards.

The album kicks off with “Stonergirl” sung (or rapped) by Ted Cookerly of EDL with a hip-hop intro by Dax. As such, the song sounds like nothing ever heard from Knott before; it might appeal to fans of the P.O.D./Limp Bizkit style, but takes the listener by surprise on this particular album. “Getting Normal” is an Aunt Bettys song (from Ford Supersonic) remade with vocals by Scott Silletta of PlankEye and Fanmail. Gene Eugene sings “Out of Time,” which was written by Knott but now sounds like a long lost Adam Again outtake. Two versions of the Aunt Bettys’ rollicking “Rikki Racer” follow, one by Knott himself, and another by a mystery female vocalist. Terry Taylor sings two songs; “Happy Old Man,” which he cowrote with Knott, hearkens back to the glory days of Daniel Amos when they were recording tunes like “Ain’t Gonna Fight It” and “Father’s Arms” for Maranatha. “Just Wanna Be with You” is a great slow rocker, played and sung by one of Christian music’s best guitarists, Jason Martin of Starflyer 59. “Herb’s Garage” is one of Knott’s best ballads; it is sung here by an anonymous guest who sounds like David Lowery of Cracker but is probably Knott himself. Then, after a new rocking version of “Tattoo” that represents one of LSU’s finest recorded moments, Wayne Everett of The Prayer Chain sings the gorgeous lullaby that serves as the album’s closing title track.

All of the featured personalities have powerful enough styles to cast their own personas onto these songs, and thus please their respective fans; however, it is Knott's musical heart that beats throughout the project. Both of these albums reveal the secular side of Christian alternative rock. The mood of the first, however, is serious and quietly spiritual. The second is more of a party album, with an upbeat, playful quality and narry a hint of religion. The 2024 Retroactive Records reissue comes on red vinyl, mastered for vinyl by Rob Colwell, and includes a 12x12 lyrics insert. Limited to just 200 copies.

****The list of credited musicians is preceded by "Some of the musicians who appeared on this project are," implying there are uncredited performers.

1 Stonergirl - Featuring Tedd Cookerly (EDL)
2 Getting Normal - Featuring – Scott Silletta (PlankEye/Fanmail)
3 Out Of Time - Featuring Gene Eugene (Adam Again/Lost Dogs)
4 Ricki Racer - Featuring Michael Knott (LSU)
5 Ricki Racer II (Remix Version) 
6 Happy Old Man - Featuring Terry Taylor (Daniel Amos/Lost Dogs)
7 Allison - Featuring – Terry Taylor (Daniel Amos/Lost Dogs)
8 Just Wanna Be You - Featuring Jason Martin (Starflyer 59)
9 Herb's Garage - Featuring A Guy Named Herb, Michael Knott (LSU)
10 Tattoo (Rock Version) - Featuring Michael Knott (LSU) 
11 Wither Wing - Featuring Wayne Everett (Prayer Chain/Violet Burning)

Stonergirl/Getting Normal/Out Of Time/Ricki Racer/Ricki Racer II (Remix Version)/Happy Old Man/Allison/Just Wanna Be You/Herb's Garage/Tattoo (Rock Version)/Wither Wing