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CORONER - R.I.P. + Collector Card (*NEW-GOLD MAX CD, 2022, Brutal Planet) elite Swiss Thrash Metal

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CORONER- R.I.P. + Collector Card (*NEW-GOLD DISC CD, 2022, Brutal Planet) elite Swiss Thrash Metal

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Coroner’s first four albums are the greatest thing that ever happened on the thrash metal field outside Metallica’ and Slayer’s first four. Their contribution to the spawning of the technical/progressive thrash metal sub-genre is immeasurable, second only to Mekong Delta perhaps, maybe even more significant than the one of the Germans.
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Nothing compares to this, think of the most brutal albums of thrashing terror: "Darkness Descends," "Spectrum of Death," "Eternal Devastation," "Reign in Blood." None of these even brush a whisker on this album and even though all those albums are pretty dear to me and are definitely classic thrash albums, the ridiculous amount of unrestricted, talent unleashed on R.I.P simply cannot be denied or succeeded.
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  • Gold Max CD for superior audio clarity and protection
  • Gold Disc to discourage disc rot and add beauty and elegance
  • 8-page expanded booklet w lyrics and band pics
  • 1987 classic officially licensed from Century Media (Noise International) 
  • Elite 2022 Remaster by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound
  • Every CD comes with a deluxe foil-stamped collector's card of Coroner (1st pressing only)
  • Gold Disc border on the front cover - but the back of the booklet features the front cover with no Gold border around the edges
  • Technical thrash metal masterpiece

R.I.P. is the debut album released by the Swiss thrash metal band Coroner (1987). This album marks the first chapter of the band's progression and is characterized by raw speed and power (save for the instrumentals), very typical of thrash metal at this time. Formed in 1983, Coroner's music combines elements of thrash, classical music, avant-garde music, progressive rock, and jazz with suitably gruff vocals. With their increasingly complex style of progressive rock-infused thrash, they have been called "the Rush of thrash metal." Coroner's sound then progressed and the production became more refined, resulting in more progressive albums. R.I.P remains a revered thrash classic for fans of classic Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, and Anthrax!  The 2022 Brutal Planet Records remaster comes on a Gold Disc for the first time ever, is packaged in a jewel case, and each CD includes a free Gold-Foil stamped collector card (first pressing only)!  

Coroner – R.I.P. (Brutal Planet Records, 2022)


Swiss thrashers Coroner have unleashed a delectable debut with R.I.P. This is the band at their rawest, though definitively technical. Teutonic (German-speaking) thrash bands such as Destruction, Kreator, Celtic Frost, and Sodom were pivotal to the scene. Now enter Coroner, comprised of prior Celtic Frost roadies. This three piece were mind-altering amazing from the starting gate right up to their last release, never even close to having a skip track. The magic of Coroner consists of Tommy T. Baron, a masterful guitar shredder, Marquis Marky, an extraordinarily fluid drummer, and the solid bassist/vocalist Ron Royce. Royce’s guttural voice embraces metal like an aged whiskey complements a fine cigar. This IS one helluva band.  

The ambiesque intro to Reborn Through Hate could not have been more appropriate. The song itself is pure unadulterated thrash, dark and beaconing. Unfortunately, the drums get buried behind the wall of sound, an issue which is remedied in later releases. When Angels Die is a sleeper, addressing the horrors of nuclear holocaust. Amigos, this ain’t Barry Manilow … this is mid-80’s European thrash, suck it up!

One of the more ballsy technical cuts is the instrumental Nosferatu. It’s whiplash-induced neo-classical speed in all it’s majesty. Next is the crazy-ferocious Suicide Command, which features blistering bass/drums locked in tight. Then Spiral Dream is an intricate piece most noted for its guitar parts of speed and transcendence. Tolentanz finishes the album in Spanish guitar, followed up with full-throttle heart-pounding metallic riffs. 

The playing on R.I.P. is extremely robust and engaging. In spite of the sub-par production of Harris Johns (Grave Digger, Helloween), the album is completely captivating I mean, if one is going to have a career in technical thrash, this is how its done. R.I.P. is brilliance in its song compositions.

--Doug Peterson, Down The Line zine

Intro 1:21
Reborn Through Hate 4:49
When Angels Die 4:37
Intro (Nosferatu) 1:12
Nosferatu 3:30
Suicide Command 4:15
R.I.P. 5:32
Coma 4:20
Fried Alive 4:36
Intro (Totentanz) 0:50
Totentanz 4:10