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DAN PEEK - DOER OF THE WORD + 2 Bonus + Trading Card (*NEW-CD, 2021, Retroactive) 70's Rock Band AMERICA member!

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DAN PEEK - DOER OF THE WORD + 2 Bonus + Trading Card (*NEW-CD, 2021, Retroactive) 70's Rock Band AMERICA member!

  • Doer of the Word hit #2 on the Christian Music Charts
  • America alum Gerry Beckley joins Peek on the title track
  • Lead singer of the 70's iconic rock band, America with multiple hit albums and hit songs, including their biggest hit, “A Horse with No Name
  • His first solo album was 1978's crossover hitAll Things Are Possible (Lamb & Lion Records)
  • Each CD comes with a high quality foil-stamped trading card of Dan Peek
  • Includes 2 bonus tracks
  • 2021 digital remaster that includes fully restored audio to collector ear's approval (previous CD reissues had audio substantial issues).
  • 12 page insert with lyrics, rare band pics, packaged in a jewel case


All the songs sound bright with guitars, drums, keyboards and vocals all coming together almost as one. Dan's Christian faith is expressed throughout, but not in a heavy handed way. To pick out one song above the others is difficult, but the title track kicks it all off so well....
                        ----- J Thompson, U.K. Music Critic

On the title track, America alum Gerry Beckley joins Peek on vocals to produce a sound indistinguishable from that of the group’s trademark hits.
       ----- Mark Allan Powell / Encyclopedia of CCM

If you like west coast harmonies and pop arrangements, there's plenty here to enjoy.
                 ------ Cross Rhythms Music Reviews


In the '70s, Peek had been one third of one of the most successful bands in the USA, America. They became one of the biggest bands in the USA. Unfortunately the success still left Dan Peek empty inside and his spiritual journey led him to salvation in the late '70s. He left the band and embarked on a solo career, releasing his debut album in 1978. Doer of the Word is his second album released in 1984. One thing is for sure, Peek knows how to pen songs with hooky choruses and gorgeous harmony vocal arrangements. He even persuaded his former band mates in America to add their golden throats to the title cut here which is an absolute classic of melodic pop with an encouraging Christian message. Those catchy pop tunes continue throughout with other highlights including the killer chorus of "Holy Spirit" and the pleasant vibe of "Your Father Loves You". Peek's skill is combining a strong message with a great melody. I'm left reflecting that 20 years later, there are few modern artists who are truly interested in making strongly spiritual music outside the worship genre, which is a shame. If you like west coast harmonies and pop arrangements, there's plenty here to enjoy. For fans of classic America, Rod Stewart, Billy Joel, Don Henley, Fleetwood Mac, Bob Seger, The Band, and Van Morrison.

Doer Of The Word 2:49
Holy Spirit 3:33
Reach Out 3:29
Everything 3:26
Your Father Loves You 3:47
Brotherly Love 2:56
Redeemer 3:51
I Believe In Miracles 2:42
Thank You Lord 3:23
Power And Glory 3:41
The Star 3:41 Bonus Track
One Way (Extended Version) Bonus Track


First the good news: the 1984 Home Sweet Home Records sophomore solo album of vocalist and guitarist Dan Peek, Doer Of The Word, trends seventies influenced classic rock territory while leaning towards the folk rock and AOR side of things.  Now, the bad news: cover art, with photo of the artist in short hair and wearing a pink sweater and white slacks, does not provide an accurate indicator of the musical direction contained therein.

Perhaps that is the reason I took little if any notice of the album back in the day, despite being music director of the radio station at the Christian college I attended at the time.  Specifically, I was so busy ‘running from the darkness’ (ode to Daniel Band), ‘approaching light speed’ (Barnabas) and ‘soldiering under command’ (you know who), Doer Of The Word fell beneath my radar.  Which is a shame because regardless of not being metal or hard rock and taking a mellower if not laid back heading, it provides more than its share of fine musical moments to garner my attention now that I have matured over the years in terms of my musical tastes.

Many will recall Peek from his time in America, having recorded seven studio albums and writing or co-writing four top 100 singles with the folk rock band between 1970 and 1977.  Renewing his faith after departing America and seeking a different artistic direction, Peek signed with Lamb & Lion Records for the 1979 release of his debut solo album All Things Are Possible in which the title track became one of the earlier contemporary Christian crossover hits in making the Top 10 in the A/C Billboard chart.  Artist later agreed to a deal with Chris Christian’s Home Sweet Home Records label, which culminated in Doer Of The Word.

The spring of 2021 Retroactive re-issue to Doer Of The Word features digital re-mastering from Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound and professional layout and design by Scott Waters of No Life Til Metal Graphics.  In addition to a foil stamped trading card, the Retroactive re-issue comes with two bonus tracks in an extended version to the song “One Way” (originally off All Things Are Possible) and “The Star” (making its initial appearance on the various artists Christmas album On This Christmas Night).

Album successfully opens to its inviting title track to speak of the delicate and airy in joining clever piano and lush vocal harmonies but also commercial with its flawless pop-based melody.  Acoustic guitar carries things instrumentally. “Redeemer” maintains the upbeat course.  It firmly roots in classic rock, as guitars with a country twang (in a positive sense) play a lead role alongside polished melodies and tasteful harmonica solo.  Either would fit nicely on FM radio.

Also up-tempo is “I Believe In Miracles”, a bit short at just under three minutes in gravitating to a rock direction with its agile guitar layering but also pop nuances with its ‘la-la-la’ backing vocals, and “Power And Glory”, starting to a live audience track as it builds up a traditional Gospel feel in weaving acoustic guitar with honky-tonk piano.  Allowing each to separate is artist’s smooth and pristine classic tenor vocal abilities.

On a more reserved side is “Reach Out” to consist of pouring rain and keyboards to start ahead of proving sleek and elegant AOR with the lone forward moments the freely flowing refrain.  Likewise, “Your Father Loves You” comes across easy going in slowly emanating from the beginning to piano only to pick up at the point vocal melodies take on a lead role.  Again, impression is of the radio friendly.

In a slower vein, “Holy Spirit” reveals full keyboards and distinct bass in signifying wistful melodies and crystalline vocals and “Thank You Lord” a worship rock aptitude as piano and acoustic guitar allow a perfectly simple but not simplistic form.  From a ballad standpoint, “Everything” is peculiar to lounge style keyboards to instill of the ethereal and moody, while “Brotherly Love” is of like design but with more forward pop fragments to see acoustic guitar and airy harmonies define the gossamer scene.  No, not my thing either way in staying a bit true to the ballad formula but well conceived all the same. 

“One Way” is my favorite of the bonus tracks in conveying a heavier rocking form in which rhythm guitar and distinct piano converge within a rollicking front to back context.  I wish the album included a few more like this.  I also take to catchy Christmas rocker “The Star” to highlight acoustic guitar seasoned with orchestration and classical keyboards.

Doer Of The Word might represent rock on the lighter side but leaves little doubt as to how it is well executed and performed.  I appreciate the seventies rock to classic rock to AOR feel to the album - don’t let the cover art mislead you - and see myself listening to if in the mood for something mellower.  If a fan of seventies rock in all its forms I cannot help but recommend Doer Of The Word.  Thanks to Retroactive for making it available again in such a highly upgraded format.   

Review by Andrew Rockwell


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