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DARK LAY STILL - THROUGH HELL CD Bombworks - Elite black metal

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Symphonic black metal anthems flow effortlessly on the debut from Dark Lay Still. Hailing from Southern California, Dark Lay Still has been a force in the metal underground for many years now. Back in 2004, they released their first demo, Joy in the Throes of Agony, and followed that up in 2006 with Prelude. Both demos were met with critical acclaim, but the band went on a hiatus shortly after the release of Prelude to pursue other side projects. However, after a short break, the band came back full force and decided to rework and properly record 5 songs from the original demos as well as record a few brand new songs. What results is a symphonic journey of extreme epic proportions that thematically draws influences from

Dante's Divine Comedy, from the lyrical content of each song to the classic art used in the digipak layout. Dark Lay Still adopts a decidedly Scandinavian sound while providing their own spin on the symphonic black metal genre. Keyboards play a very large role in each composition, deriving an almost Baroque approach with odd keys and time signatures and melodies that contrast the crushing guitar lines, providing musical depth and maturity not typically found in an extreme metal release. Combine that with furiously fast technical drumming and brutal vocals, and the result is a

delectable musical montage that draws in the listener while remaining intensely heavy as expected from the black metal genre. Fans of bands like Origin, Behemoth, Dimmu Borgir, Crimson Moonlight, and Cradle of Filth as well as both serious and casual fans of black metal will want to make this a regular part of their diet. Get ready and prepare to traverse the depths of hell with the symphonic black metal phemon that is Dark Lay Still!


? First full-length album

10 brand new songs

6-panel foldout deluxe digipak packaging

Utilizes classic art inspired by the original poem Inferno from The Divine Comedy

For fans of Origin, Behemoth, Dimmu Borgir, Crimson Moonlight and Cradle of Filth, and black metal

Reviews and advertising in major publications


1. Prelude

2. War Cry

3. Kings of Old

4. The Swordsmen Song

5. Psalm Which Speaks of Legends

6. White Blades Through Black Hearts

7. Angel of Light

8. Through Hell

9. Bring Them the Morning Star

10. Remembrance