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DEITIPHOBIA - DONDERFLIEGEN (*NEW-CD, 2001, M8) *Last copy! Christian industrial!

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For fans of Skinny Puppy and Circle of Dust

Millenium Eight Records M8D-1085

Limited Edition 1000 Copies


1 Red Society 4:58

2 The World From An Altar 4:36

3 Dance On My Creation 3:55

4 Graveyards 4:44

5 Attack The City Walls 6:00

6 Have Mercy 4:59

7 Love Among Thieves 6:19

8 ?And There Were Mystic Voices? 5:56

9 What Faith? 6:28

10 Almost Gone 4:36

Liner Notes: All of these tracks were recently uncovered from the original Donderfliegen recording sessions. The first nine of them were released in a limited run of 250 cassettes in 1991. They have not been touched since.  Here they are in their original versions, unedited, unabridged, unabashed. This is POST:Nuclear.rocknroll v1.0