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DELIVERANCE - STAY OF EXECUTION (Gold Disc Edition) (*NEW-CD, 2019, Retroactive) Limited to 300 copies ***PRE-ORDER

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DELIVERANCE - STAY OF EXECUTION (Gold Disc Edition) (*NEW-CD, 2019, Retroactive) Limited to 300 copies


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The advantage of the gold reflection layer is its increased resistance to corrosion, in contrast to the ordinary aluminium layer found on normal compact discs. Due to concerns over the incidence of CD rot on early CDs, gold CDs
were thus seen as a potential solution.

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Artist: Deliverance
Title: Stay of Execution (Gold Disc Edition)
Label: Retroactive Records
Product ID: RRCD1510
Barcode: 637405139341
Packaging: 6 panel fold, jewel case, gold disc
Release Date: 11/26/2019

Some monumental progressive thrash that delivers a multitude of metallic fury in exquisite fashion. Stay of Execution launched the band one step towards the era that would be knows as the creative years, while mantaning the epic metal sound that fans expected.  The hooks, the riffs, the lyrics all took fans by surprise.  We had never heard such artistic thrashing before, and boy, did Stay of Execution hit the spot!  The gold disc edition is limited to just 300 copies, 6 panel fold with band pics, and remastered from scratch by Rob Colwell at Bombworks Sound for the maximum ear candy experience.  

1. Stay of Execution
2. Windows of the Soul
3. Words to the...
4. From Once Was
5. Self Monger
6. Horrendous Disc
7. Lord of Dreams
8. Ramming Speed
9. Entombed
10. Weapons of Our Warfare (Remix)