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DELIVERANCE - THE SUBVERSIVE KIND + 2 bonus (*NEW-Thrash Splatter Vinyl, 2024, Retroactive Records) Remastered w/ 2 New Studio Tracks! Thrash masters return!

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Release Date:  April 21st, 2024

DELIVERANCE - THE SUBVERSIVE KIND + 2 bonus (*NEW-Gold Disc CD, 2024, Retroactive Records) Remastered w/ 2 New Studio Tracks! Thrash masters return!

Jimmy P Brown II - Lead Vocals & Guitars
Greg Minier - Guitars (The Crucified)
Glenn Rogers - Guitars (Deliverance, Vengeance, Heretic etc)
Victor Macias - Bass (Tourniquet)
Jim Chaffin - Drums (The Crucified)
Producer – Jimmy P. Brown II/Jim Chaffin

***Bonus Tracks Musicians
Jimmy P. Brown II
Jim Chaffin
Manny Morales
Larry Farkas



Deliverance ‘returns to form’ in a mighty way with its eleventh album and first to hearken back to a thrash/speed metal direction since 1991’s What A Joke.  Yes, expectations were high, almost unreasonably so in light of the groups vaunted 1990 sophomore album Weapons Of Our Warfare, but The Subversive Kind delivers the old school thrash goods in a manner about as subtle as an incoming hand grenade. Equally notable is the return of guitarist Glenn Rogers, who last graced the Deliverance roster on its self-titled debut from 1989.      Angelic Warlord - Best Albums of 2018 (#18)

  • 85% rating on Angelic Warlord Reviews
  • #18 Best Albums of 2018 on Angelic Warlord
  • 12x12 Lyrics insert
  • First time ever on Splatter Vinyl!
  • Limited to just 250 copies
  • Two first time new Deliverance tracks recorded for this reissue with the classic Deliverance line-up
  • 10 total tracks clocking in at 39 minutes
  • Originally released 2018
  • All-Star cast with players from then original Deliverance line-up, Tourniquet, Vengeance (early), Heretic, and The Crucified
  • 2024 remaster by Rob Colwell & Layout by Scott Waters (NoLifeTilMetal)

2018’s The Subversive Kind, represents a ‘return to form’ of the Deliverance old school speed metal and thrash beginnings.  The group’s press material summarizes accordingly: “We’re going to give you, the fan, what you’ve been asking for and what you want - the old school thrash days of DELIVERANCE.  Everything you’ve always loved about DELIVERANCE since the Greetings Of Death days - you’re going to get it with this record.” True to form, The Subversive Kind is a classic thrash album complete with all the expected trimmings: unrelenting fast tempos, aggressive riffing, tenacious drumming, shredding guitar leads and The Subversive Kind places little emphasis on guitar solos. Repeat listens reveal just how plentiful and impressive are the solos on each of the album’s tracks - each one including a lead guitar break to feature not only Greg Minier (The Crucified) but also original Deliverance/Vengeance guitarist Glenn Rogers, who lends his brash soloing abilities in explosive fashion. Consider “Epilogue” in this capacity, as found in its associating subtle melody and thick as-it-gets Impellitteri style guitars with a stretch of soloing that reflects an almost bluesy feel.  Likewise, “Listen Closely,” thrash all the way but imparting some slower doom like tendencies and understated hooks, and “The Fold,” a choice cut with its anthem like Maiden-esque riffs and dogged-as-it-gets refrain, are also emboldened with lead guitar but of a more flashy variety. At its heart,The Subversive Kind is a full on thrash masterpiece in the vein of Destruction, Exodus, Overkill and Sodom.  It is beautifully brutal in every way, filled with creativity and fervor that seeks to expand your mind and knock you on your....um, “kiester!” The 2024 Retroactive Records includes the two new bonus tracks, treated toa  2024 remaster for this vinyl version, and features the previously out-of-print vinyl on on splatter vinyl for the first time ever! The two first-time studio bonus tracks were recorded for fans just for this reissue, and they feature the classic Deliverance line-up. The bonus tracks take this album from 31 minutes (original release) to 39 minutes of face-melting thrash and speed metal! This album features an All-Star cast with players from then original Deliverance line-up, Tourniquet, Vengeance (early), Heretic, and The Crucified. Limited to just 250 copies - secure your copy now!

Track Listing
1. Bring 'Em Down 
2. Concept of the Other 
3. Center of It All 
4. The Black Hand 
5. Epilogue 
6. Listen Closely 
7. The Subversive Kind 
8. The Fold
9. C-One-9 (bonus - new studio track)
10. Paraphrased (bonus - new studio track)

Bring 'Em Down/Concept of the Other/Center of It All/The Black Hand/Epilogue/Listen Closely/The Subversive Kind/The Fold/C-One-9/Paraphrased