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Disciple - Back Again (Limited Run Vinyl) Red, 2022 GIRDER RECORDS Mastered For Vinyl

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Disciple - Back Again (Limited Run Vinyl) Red/Black Splatter, 2022 GIRDER RECORDS Mastered For Vinyl

  • Remastered for Vinyl
  • Red  Vinyl Record
2022 Girder Records, GR1145LP
Originally Release in 2001
  • Release Date: March, 2023 
  • Limited Run Vinyl™  (Limited to 500)
  • 2-Panel Printed Insert with Lyrics
  • Black Poly-lined inner sleeve
  • Also available on CD


The fourth album released by Disciple earning them two No. 1 Christian rock hits with the songs “Back Again” and “Wait.” The album is a groove metal sludge-fest that smacks listeners over the head with riveting songs and an overtly Christian message.

I have always thought of Back Again as Disciple’s “black album” – partly because from a musical standpoint it was their most metal release to date, but partly because the deeply personal nature of the lyrics imparted that dark, metal quality so integral to some of the great metal releases out there. It was a big step away from the sheen magic and confident magnetism of By God, but in no way an apostasy from the core Disciple vision or ministry. Regardless of what it wasn’t, there is no denying what it is – it’s metal!
– Jonathan “Doc” Swank, Heaven’s Metal Magazine.


1  Back Again
2  Fear
3  103
4  Touch
5  Face
6  Wait
7  Hardened
8  Why Don’t You Shut Up
9  Before You
10  Remembering
11   Not The Same
12  Next Time
13  One More Time