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DIVULGENCE - FUTURE SEED (2012, Bombworks) CD Prog Xian Thrash Metal Death

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Product ID: BWR062011

Barcode: 845121044751

Release Date: March 6, 2012

Label: Bombworks Records

Packaging: 6 panel digipak

Style: Extreme Death/Thrash


DIVULGENCE brings together the old and sacred elements of true heavy metal, forging a brand new monolith of riffage. This new beast created is a whirlwind of progressive thrash and aggressive metal powered by chugging riffs and memorable solo's! Out of South Carolina, DIVULGENCE has been launching metal assaults on an unsuspecting underground since 2008 when all the members were still in High School! With the band's debut release on Bombworks Records, the members are bonded by the universal truth that heavy metal is the law, thereby unleashing the band's brand of ripping, epic thrash. Everything begins with the purity and aggression of the 80's Bay Area thrash scene, but DIVULGENCE further fuels its righteous onslaught with progressive metal done right. The songs are complex, unpredictable, and always interesting, but the "progginess" never detracts from the pure metal insanity. The guitar riffs are brutal and uncompromising, but very sophisticated. And they strike a perfect balance between driving metal riffs and jaw-dropping complexity. DIVULGENCE combines the influences of Believer, Extol, Slayer, Tourniquet, Death, and Skeletonwitch while pushing the boundaries of creative, extreme metal with stunning results! The underground metal scene welcomes progressive thrash titans, DIVULGENCE with open arms! Packaged in a 6 panel full color digipak!


1. Introduction 2. Synaptic Tide 3. The Swarm of Eden 4. Cognition 5. Hearts of Decay 6. Forlorn in Distance 7. The Great Deception 8. Rustic Skies