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EDIN-ADAHL - SOM EN VIND (2-CD Best Of - Import)

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Edin-?dahl were a Swedish CCM band from 1977 to 1994, composed of brothers Bertil and Lasse Edin and Simon and Frank ?dahl. The group are best known for their 1990 hit "Som en vind" (English: "Like a Wind"). It won the 1990 Melodifestivalen and went on to place sixteenth at the Eurovision Song Contest. The following year, the band placed second in the Melodifestivalen. Simon ?dahl participated in 1995 together with Lasse Edin. Another song, "Revival", rose to No. 3 on Sweden's radio charts.

Frank ?dahl was the voice of Simba in the Swedish version of the 1994 animated film The Lion King. Two of the brothers released solo albums on Refuge in 1985. Bertil Edin released Cross The Border, and Simon ?dahl I'm In Touch. Lasse Edin formed a band called The Outsiders in 1990.

This two CD set is a collection of songs from all their albums plus some bonus songs from band member solo albums.

Edin ?dahl s/t debut (1980),

Albi (1982),

Maktfaktor (1983),

Tecken/Miracle (1986),

Big Talk (1989),

Into My Soul (1990),

Reser till KŠrlek / Revival (1991),

Kosmonaut Gargarins Rapport (1992).

And Som en Vind ( Like a Wind) the song from Eurovision songs Contest 1990.

And as bonus songs from Simon ?dahl, Frank ?dahl, Lasse Edin, Bertil Edin and ?dahl (Frank and Simon ?dahl). 29 tracks in all - remastered and sounding better than ever! Some of the band's albums were release in both Swedish and English and some in only Swedish or only English. This collection is a mixture of songs in English and also songs in Swedish.


1-1 ?Edin-?dahl Som En Vind

1-2 ?Edin-?dahl PŒ VŠg

1-3 ?Edin-?dahl Men SŒ StŒr Du DŠr

1-4 ?Edin-?dahl Alibi

1-5 ?Edin-?dahl Brevet

1-6 ?Edin-?dahl Idag

1-7 ?Edin-?dahl Observerad

1-8 ?Edin-?dahl HjŠlp Dig SjŠlv

1-9 ?Edin-?dahl BŠttre Och BŠttre

1-10 ?Edin-?dahl Jag VŠntar PŒ Dig

1-11 ?Edin-?dahl Maktfaktor

1-12 ?Edin-?dahl I Know

1-13 ?Edin-?dahl Barn

1-14 ?Edin-?dahl Heaven

1-15 ?Edin-?dahl Going Back

1-16 ?Edin-?dahl Wider Than The Ocean

1-17 ?Edin-?dahl Big Talk

2-1 ?Edin-?dahl Heaven (Into My Soul)

2-2 ?Edin-?dahl I'll Be Around

2-3 ?Edin-?dahl Cold As Ice

2-4 ?Edin-?dahl Time Of Peace

2-5 ?Edin-?dahl Reser Till KŠrlek

2-6 ?Edin-?dahl Tjuv Om Natten

2-7 ?Edin-?dahl Jag LŠngtar (Till Den Dagen)

2-8 ?Edin-?dahl Jag Lever (Genom Dig)

2-9 ?Edin-?dahl Kom, Kom, Kom

2-10 ?Edin-?dahl Jag Kan Inte Leva Utan Dig

2-11 ?Edin-?dahl Kosmonaut Gagarins Rapport

2-12 ?Edin-?dahl Lyft Mig Upp


2-13 ?Frank ?dahl TŒrar FrŒn Himlen

2-14 ?Simon ?dahl Du Gšr Mig Stark

2-15 ?Lasse Edin* Shine On

2-16 ?Bertil Edin KŠrlekens KŠlla

2-17 ??dahl Jag TŠnker Be Fšr Sverige

2-18 ??dahl Mystery Of You

2-19 ??dahl After All This Time