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ENCRYPTOR - ENCRYPTION (1999-2006) Import

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Not new and sealed but in great condition.

This extremely brutal death metal band originated from Panama. Encryptor was a side band of Phil Diaz of Sorrowstorm. Two very rare official full length recordings by Encryptor got re-edited and re-mastered by Mexican extreme music label Alcance Subterraneo Productions, who re-issued them on one CD early in 2006. Drowning In the Flesh was originally released in 2001, and Sermon Decay was originally released in 2003. A slightly different version of this re-issue was also released April, 2005, on Bombworks Records in the USA with different cover art. Songs include: 'Infernal Catastrophy,' 'Post Mortem Soul,' 'Prophecy Of Infinity,' 'Portal Of Demonic Torment,' 'The Price Of Submission,' 'Into the Lives Of the Unblessed,' 'Misfortuned At Birth,' 'Drowning In Ignorance,' 'Rebrutalization,' 'Sermon Decay,' 'Horrific Engenderment,' 'Vomit Congregation,' 'Everything Must Decompose,' 'Bloodflow Towards Salvation,' and 'He Was Beheaded.' 15 songs 8-page insert w/lyrics