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END OF SEPTEMBER - END OF SEPTEMBER (*NEW-CD, 2012, Ulterium) Brilliant Prog Power Christian Metal

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Import from Sweden

ex-7 Days

ex-Crimson Moonlight

Brilliant prog power metal!

End of September is definitely one of the most promising bands from Scandinavia at the moment. This young band shows with their debut album that they know how to create fantastic, memorable songs, and perform them to perfection. They have also been able to successfully create a mix between melodic metal and more modern metal that not many bands have. With the well-crafted and intelligent song-writing of Erik Tordsson and the smooth and emotional vocals of Elin Redin, End of September is a force to be reckoned with during the coming years. The band is hungry to hit the stages around the world, and are destined to make it.

...these tracks are too good to be so short. Five of the nine are under four minutes. I'm looking for an entre on a tray of finger food here. That said, this is a top notch hors d'oeuvres munchie feast. There is something to be said for brevity, but when the musicianship is this good, throw a dog an instrumental bridge bone now and then. Woof woof, yo.


1 Isolated
2 Fallen
3 A Place to Go
4 Exile
5 Inner Voice
6 Left in This World
7 Waiting for the Rain
8 Silence
9 Autumn Breaks