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EXODUS - ANOTHER LESSON IN VIOLENCE (*New CD, 2021, MDD Records) Classic Trash

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EXODUS - ANOTHER LESSON IN VIOLENCE (*New CD, 2021, MDD Records) Classic Trash

This album was released after a far-reaching line-up change in Exodus. Paul Baloff, who originally left in 1986 after the release of "Bonded By Blood", returned as singer. Likewise, Tom Hunting returned after leaving shortly before the 1989 "Fabulous Disaster" tour for health reasons. Furthermore, this is also the band's first album to feature Jack Gibson on bass. Robb Flynn from Vio-Lence and Machine Head also made a guest appearance on "A Lesson in Violence". In early 1998, a few months after the album's release, the band went on their second hiatus, which lasted until 2001. The following year, not long after the band's second reunion, longtime Exodus frontman Steve "Zetro" Souza returned to the band due to the death of Paul Baloff, who died of a stroke.

Track List
1 Bonded By Blood
2 Exodus
3 Pleasures of the Flesh
4 And Then There Were None
5 Piranha
6 Seeds of Hate
7 Deliver Us to Evil
8 Brain Dead
9 No Love
10 A Lesson in Violence
11 Impaler
12 Strike of the Beast