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This is the first album I heard from these Mexican metal band. Typical for their sound is their brutal vocals and melodic crunchy harmonies. Musically I would describe as crunchy thrash with influences from classic metal and on top of it growling death metal vocals. The cool thing with music is that it is varied, wellwritten and has plenty of hooks and variation. Cd also has heaps of great guitarsolos and it's a real metal feast! Guitarsolos totally rule on this release! Favourite tracks are Eternal Dimension, I Believe In God, Salvation, Covenant, You Can Trust and the beautiful and powerful track Extreme Love that also has some beautiful female vocals. I also like the last track Drink My Blood which has some very beautiful operatic female vocals.

Lyrics are very Biblical and Christcentered. One good example of this is the lyrics in Salvation: "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord? If you confess that Jesus is the Lord and believe in your heart, you will be saved".

The drawback on this release is the production. With better production this album would totally rule.But the music is so good so despite the production I consider this a must have. Exousia has tons of potential and are really on fire for Jesus. With better production this band can be one of the very best metal bands in the world.

References: Highly recommended to all thrashers out there!


1 Eterna Dimensi—n 9:25

2 Master Of Master's 4:55

3 Yo Creo En Dios 4:14

4 Salvation 5:41

5 Covenant 5:41

6 Welcome To The Kingdom Of Light 4:44

7 Puedes Confiar 5:07

8 Extreme Love 6:38

9 Bebed Mi Sangre 5:34