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EXTOL - SYNERGY (*NEW-GOLD DISC CD, 2022, Bombworks) Elite Speed/Thrash Metal

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EXTOL - SYNERGY (*NEW-GOLD DISC CD, 2022, Bombworks) Elite Speed/Thrash Metal 

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BWCD1418 EXTOL - SYNERGY 637405143829

  • Officially licensed
  • Limited to 1000 units
  • 12 page booklet with lyrics and rare band pics / remastered
  • 1st pressing includes a limited edition foil-stamped band collector card
  • Part of the elite Gold Disc Series of Bombworks Records with reversable artwork with and without the gold border
  • Original release received an elite review rating of 8/10 on
  • The album cover was painted by Hugh Syme, who has done work for such groups as Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Rush and Fates Warning
  • Favorite Extol CD of Retroactive Records owner, Matthew Hunt
  • 9 out of 10 rating on The Whipping Post CD Reviews (Matt Morrow)
  • Part of the top 100 Christian Metal albums of The Christian Metal Realm


"Confession Of Inadequacy" is one of the best examples at the harder end of this infusion, drilling squalls of discordant fury into your brain at a fair old pace.
                                             BLABBERMOUTH.COM REVIEWS

 Extol never quite get to the speed they reached on Burial but there are definitely some Thrash influenced drum runs with technical Thrash riffs that sound vaguely familiar; perhaps being similar to something Anacrusis or Watchtower might have done. This is all kind of mixed with Melodic Death leads, which is something the band used to use a lot, and the aforementioned clean, calming sections. Vocalist Peter Espevoll has a really great clean voice that sounds like a mix between Mikael Akerfeldt and James Labrie.

The moment “Grace for Succession” begins with these absolutely stunning acrobatic guitars extricated directly from Deathrow’s “Deception Ignored” and Coroner’s “Mental Vortex”, the listener knows the band have reached “Sanity Obscure” (Believer), and later he/she will find out that they have also surpassed it, at least on a musical level. 

Stephanie Sollow of Progressive World
 gave the album a very positive review, writing: "Extol are very good at what they do, playing a very tight and intricately arranged form of progressive thrash metal, if you will. They transition easily between different meters, all while creating a heavy wall of sound though which a guitar lead or some dynamic cymbal work will poke through for its lead spot."

Grace For Succession 4:12
Paradigms 3:40
Psychopath 3:47
Blood Red Cover 3:37
26 Miles From Marathon 4:12
Confession Of Inadequacy 3:47
Scrape The Surface 3:21
Thrash Synergy 5:20
Aperture 3:11
Emancipation 3:20
Nihilism 2002 4:09

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