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FAITHFUL BREATH - GOLD 'N GLORY (*NEW-CD, Mausoleum Records ‎– SKULL 8335)

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FAITHFUL BREATH - GOLD 'N GLORY (*NEW-CD, Mausoleum Records ‎– SKULL 8335)

1 Don't Feel Hate 3:15
2 King Of The Rock 3:17
3 Jailbreaker 3:27
4 A Million Hearts 4:56
5 Gold'n'Glory 4:17
6 Play The Game 3:40
7 Princess In Disguise 4:13
8 Don't Drive Me Mad 2:33


So basically, "Gold "N' Glory" is a lost classic of European metal and an undeniable piece of classic Germanic heavy metal. Every tune is great, the album cover is cool(further reinforcing the Nordic vibe which is SO in your face on the back of the LP which features photos of the band, several members dressed in full Viking gear). Yet, FAITHFUL BREATH carries a very love 'em or hate 'em kinda vibe which is unfortunate because I DON'T LOVE FAITHFUL BREATH, however, I LOVE the hell outta "Gold 'N' Glory"(and to a certain extent its 1985 follow-up "Skol" LP)!!! So if you're a fan of classic European metal, 80's German metal, proto-power metal, etc., and HAVE NOT heard "Gold 'N' Glory" you MUST add it to your list! If you've had a bad experience with F. BREATH(bought one of their other LPs and didn't like it, etc.), just set that memory aside in your mind. Because "Gold 'N' Glory" is a shining gem of early 80's Euro-metal and it deserves far more respect. In the end you may consider F. BREATH a "one album wonder" and that's just fine, because at least that one wonderful album is being heard....

P.S. Not sure if the Mausoleum Records CD version is still in print. If so, try to purchase that IF you want the album on CD format. Beware, there are some dubious(taken off vinyl) sounding bootleg CDs out there, but I haven't seen them for awhile. I would recommend paying the extra $10-15 bucks(the CDs probably gonna be close to $20) and picking up an original copy of "Gold "N' Glory" on LP. You get the killer cover art at full-size and this is metal meant to be heard via vinyl(the bottom-end just doesn't have that warmth on CD and the album tends to sound a little trebly, at least on my stereo). If you can find a cassette that would also be great, as this album sounded great on cassette! Either way, just check out the album! You will NOT regret it and you'll have a nice piece of metal magic to play for your friends as well(if they're under 30 I guarantee they'll get a kick outta it and if they're true metal fans may even begin to explore the musty, but brilliantly rewarding world of 80's Euro-metal).