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FEW LEFT STANDING - WORMWOOD (*NEW-CD, 2002, Solid State) metalcore

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FEW LEFT STANDING - WORMWOOD (*NEW-CD, 2002, Solis State) metalcore                                           WM92219

13 tracks

Looking for more a more melodic and more metal FewLeftStanding than what you got on their debut album 'Regeneration of Self?' Well if you are look no further than their new release on Takehold Records entitled 'Wormwood' and you will find exactly what you need.
The new album is, as mentioned filled with melody and metal blended with superb attention to detail. These guys have seriously matured both musically and lyrically in the year and a half or so since their first album came out. The 50 minutes of mayhem are encompassed in 13 tracks with one being a short instrumental song called '10,000 Angry Hardcore Kids.' Filled with interesting metalcore styled leads, and Chris' polished vocal style as the main vocals from the first album this disc gets better with each listen. In addition we are treated to a few gang vocals, 'Give Credit Where Credit Is Due' is half spoken not even sung, singing style lyrics all keep you deep into the music presented here.
Something is different about the guys in this band from the average Christian metalcore band though. It becomes apparent when you read their lyrics that they are growing tired of the complacency amongst Christians and Christian bands these day. 'The Latest Fad' lays it on the line for other bands, challenging them with;
Christ becomes a trend rather than a thirst
talk the talk but can't walk the walk
it's all a spit and polish veneer
The song 'No Apology' is lyrically a song I personally have been waiting for a band to write for a long time now. Simply put it states I'll respect you freedom of speech but you have to respect mine as well. I could go on dissecting their lyrics but I don't think I need to. Each song on this disc is unashamedly Christian, well thought out and very poignant.
In addition to the instrumental on other song stands out musically and that's the closing/title track 'Wormwood.' Bottom line here is it's an emo song. Immensely passionate lyrics are sung, in a not quite so nasally approach with extremely melodic music. It's a good song and a great CD closer as it brings you back down after the frenzy of the other 12 tracks. It's kind of like the band is offering you a band-aid for the wound they gave your neck after ripping your head off.
Lister's bottom line here is this is a superb album that picked up where 'Regeneration of Self' left off. It shows a great deal of growth for the band and if you liked their previous album you are not a complete human without owning a copy of 'Wormwood.'