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FIGHTER - THE WAITING + 4 Demos (*NEW-CD, Girder)

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FIGHTER - THE WAITING + 4 Demos (*NEW-CD, Girder)

  • Remastered by Rob Colwell
  • Includes 4 Song EP Demo in a 8 page jewel case with photos, lyrics and band history.
  • Includes RipStream - Free Digital Downloads (delivered on release day)
  • Legends of Rock Series
  • Remastered by by Rob Colwell of Bombworks Sound
  • Release Day August 2019

    Fighter released two albums in the early 90's. Fighters first album THE WAITING was released in 1991 and brought with it a lot of attention containing 3 charting radio hits. STAR ONE #7, RADIO MAN #26 and DO WHAT YOU WANT #18, a feat that many bands never reached. This albums has been completely remastered with modified artwork, photos and band history. Plus it also includes the original 4-song EP (Demo) containing 4 songs: Radio Man, Face to Face, (which were later re-recorded and put on The Waiting) then Leo and Irresponsible Evil which are only on the EP that were sold only at concerts.

    Fighter was a Melodic AOR Christian Rock band based in IOWA and was led by Amy Wolter who was also the principal songwriter. They played arena style rock such as Def Leppard and Journey with hooks and melodies galore. The bass player, Jim, was her husband. Jim and Amy had previously played together in a band called SAPPHIRE which recorded an album titled CRYSTAL CLEAR. The distinctive element in fighter sound was the trade-off vocals between Wolter who is similar to Pat Benatar and male singer and Drummer Sean Murphy. Dual vocals proved to work great for them and provided dynamics not seen by a lot of other bands with the exception of Kiss, ZZ Top, Eagles and The Cars.

    Although not really heavy enough to be considered metal, they were a great melodic rock / AOR band and had a lot going for them musically and in the songwriting. This band understood that you need a good hook to draw people in.


    Billy Heller guitars, bass
    Mark Pence keyboards, drum programming
    Sean Murphy  drums, acoustic guitars, background vocals
    Amy Wolter lead, background vocals
    Jim Wolter bass, background vocals


    1. Look Me in the Eye 3:58
    2. Wishful Thinking 4:15
    3. Shadows 3:21
    4. Face to Face 4:19
    5. Star One 4:50
    6. Do What You Want 3:51
    7. Running the Race 4:25
    8. Nice Guy 3:32
    9. The Waiting 3:13
    10. Radio Man 4:47
    11. Stop Look Listen 3:57
    12. Radio Man
    13. Face to Face
    14. Leo
    15. Irresponsible Evil