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Galactic Cowboys ‎– Machine Fish (*NEW-CD, 1996, Metal Blade Records) Original Issue

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Galactic Cowboys ‎– Machine Fish (*NEW-CD, 1996 Metal Blade Records) 


1 Feel The Rage 3:12
2 The Struggle 5:53
3 Fear Not 5:03
4 Stress 4:35
5 Psychotic Companion 7:31
6 In This Life 3:13
7 Easy To Love 4:08
8 Red Sun 4:59
9 Idle Minds 4:11
10 The Lens 5:24
11 Pattin' Yourself On The Back 3:45
12 In A Lonely Room 4:45
13 9th Of June 5:23
14 Arrow 6:56

For me, Galactic Cowboys has three periods: The first: excellent melodic metal heavily influenced by Sam Taylor and the "King's X" sound, which includes the album recorded as The Awful Truth, as well as the first two GC albums. The third: the final three albums from Horse to Let it Go, which I consider to be relatively weak and inconsistent, but still good. And the second: Machine Fish. On this cd they really nailed it. They had stopped trying to clone King's X and abandoned much of the slower, moodier songs for flat-out riff-based metal. Other reviewers had said many of the songs on this cd sound the same -- this is not true at all, unless you think that when every song rocks your face off that they all sound the same. Within that, there is great diversity here: fast songs that rock hard, slower songs that rock hard, quirky songs that rock hard. In short, this album just rocks. I know that their signature sound is all based in the harmonies, blah, blah, blah. Fact is, though, they are a rock band, and they are at their best when they are kicking a**, not sounding lovely. This is THE cd to hear that side of this band. If you like metal, get this disc. You will not be disappointed.