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GALACTIC COWBOYS - THE BOX THAT BUD BOUGHT (*NEW 5-CD Box Set, 2023, Brutal Planet) All 5 Metal Blade Titles Remastered!

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GALACTIC COWBOYS - THE BOX THAT BUD BOUGHT (*NEW 5-CD Box Set, 2023, Brutal Planet) All 5 Metal Blade Titles Remastered! 


  • Officially licensed from Metal Blade Records
  • Limited to just 500 Box Sets
  • Remastered by Rob Colwell (Coroner, King's X, Nevermore)
  • Machine Fish + Feel the Rage come as a 2-CD Set
  • Also includes The Horse That Bud Bought, At the End of the Day, and Let It Go
  • Box artwork by Galactic Cowboys bassist, Monty Colvin
  • Cover songs by KISS & Wings
  • Drums on Let it Go by Jerry Gaskill (King's X)

Prepare to immerse yourself in the legendary musical journey of the Galactic Cowboys as Brutal Planet Records proudly presents "The Box That Bud Bought." Following two exceptional albums under Geffen Records, the band ventured into uncharted territories with Metal Blade Records, crafting four full-length albums and an evocative 7-track EP. This box set encapsulates the band's sonic evolution, with all five albums presented in their entirety, including the previously unreleased gem, "Red Son," originally intended for "Space In Your Face." The visionary drummer and producer, Alan Doss, adds his signature touch to this collection.

But that's not all! Dive deeper into the Galactic Cowboys' rich history with a revealing 7-track set that sheds light on the band's enduring and troubling journey, delving into untold stories (what was his name???!!!). Alongside these treasures, you'll discover an album where the rhythmic pulse is driven by none other than Jerry Gaskill from King's X. Plus, indulge in the band's unique take on cover songs by KISS and Paul McCartney's WINGS, showcasing their genre-defying versatility.

And there's a true-life tale woven into the fabric of "Oregon," inspired by bassist Monty Colvin and his family's extraordinary decision to relinquish their worldly possessions and join a mountain-dwelling commune in Oregon. Believe it or not, this story is true! The Galactic Cowboys stand as the most enigmatic and captivating force in the rock/metal universe, seamlessly blending entertainment with musical virtuosity. With the expert remastering touch of Rob Colwell (known for his work with Nevermore, Believer, Flotsam & Jetsam, Coroner, In This Moment, King's X), these albums have reached new heights in sonic clarity.

The artistic vision behind the box set's stunning artwork? None other than Galactic Cowboys' bassist himself, Monty Colvin. Each CD comes packaged in a meticulous 6-panel wallet, with the bonus of a 2-CD set featuring "Machine Fish" and "Feel the Rage." Included in this limited-edition release are "The Horse That Bud Bought," "At the End of the Day," and "Let It Go." Act fast, as only 500 of these exclusive Box Sets are available. Secure yours now and embark on an unforgettable journey through the musical cosmos with the Galactic Cowboys.


Machine Fish
is the third studio album from heavy metal band Galactic Cowboys and their first for Metal Blade Records. The album is heavier, more straightforward, and less progressive than their previous release. Cornerstone Magazine praised Ben Huggins' vocals, stating that his voice "scrapes across your ears with an intensity usually reserved for those being eaten alive by great white sharks." The artwork depicts a "machine fish", which is actually a garbage sculpture made by bassist Monty Colvin, complete with turning indicator light bulbs for eyes. The song "Red Sun" actually dates back to 1989. Versions of the song were recorded for the self-titled album and Space In Your Face, but a re-worked version of the song made the cut for Machine Fish. 

Feel The Rage 3:12
The Struggle 5:53
Fear Not 5:03
Stress 4:35
Psychotic Companion 7:31
In This Life 3:13
Easy To Love 4:08
Red Sun 4:59
Idle Minds 4:11
The Lens 5:24
Pattin' Yourself On The Back 3:45
In A Lonely Room 4:45
9th Of June 5:23
Arrow 6:56

BPCD1655 GALACTIC COWBOYS - FEEL THE RAGE CD 637405142402) (1996)

The fourth album by the band (and second of 1996!). The artwork is a painting by bassist Monty Colvin. A new song "Paradigm Shift" is the second track on this EP, while the title track originally appeared on the Machine Fish album. This EP contains two covers; "I Want You" by KISS, and "Junior's Farm" by Wings. The original versions of the two live tracks, "Idle Minds" and "9th Of June," can be found on the Machine Fish album. The un-listed track, dubbed "Grandmother's Closet/Cabin/Coffin," is a short bluegrass song written during the Machine Fish sessions. 

Feel The Rage 3:13
Paradigm Shift 7:28
I Want You 4:11
Junior's Farm 5:14 (KISS cover)
Idle Minds (Live) 4:28 (WINGS cover)
9th Of June (Live) 6:15
Grandmother's Coffin 0:44


The Horse That Bud Bought is the fourth studio album from the Galactic Cowboys. The album title comes from the lyrics to the song "Oregon." The song is derived from real life events where bassist Monty Colvin and his family (mother and father) sold all of their worldly goods and joined a cult that lived in a commune up in the mountains of Oregon. The cult leader was upset that Monty's father had bought him a horse and told him he had to give it to the whole "family." The cover art was painted by bassist Monty Colvin. The song "Tilt-A-Whirl" contains a recorded sample of an actual Tilt-a-whirl carnival ride. The outro to the song "My Life" contains lyrics from the band's song "Still Life of Peace" sung to the tune of The Beatles' "Blue Jay Way." The title to the song "The Buzz" comes from the nickname of an old rock station in Houston. 

Cross Rhythms Magazine Review (1998)
Riding into town on 'The Horse That Bud Bought", with Brian Garcia and Alan Doss sharing the production saddle, the Wild Silas Mass Choir (alias the Galactic Cowboys) have done it yet again! This is more than just your three-chord thud! The Boys seems to have entered into a crazy dimension where past meets present to form a solid '90s metal sound fused with elements of psychedelic progressive rock peppered with elements of, dare I say, pop tunes that ROCK, or rock tunes which have just the right pinch of pop sensibility to make 'The Horse That Bud Bought* an instant classic; but fear not, the Cowboys still manage to maintain their familiar quirky arrangements and level of wit. With Huggins, Farkas, Doss and Colvin all sharing songwriting responsibilities, an interesting mix of topics arise; from Colvin's "Evil Twin" - where the need to own up to our own wrong doing is highlighted - and "Oregon" - concerned with false teachers - to a critique of the media in "The Buzz," "Tomorrow" and "Media Slant," and from general social comments ("Tilt-A-Whirl") to a critical look at one self ("Bound" and "My Life"). Overall, 'The Horse That Bud Bought* is an extremely tight, diverse and powerful album which is perhaps more accessible than both 'Machine Fish and "Feel The Rage".

Evil Twin
The Buzz
Media Slant
Mona Lisa
I Can't Wait
Trip On Love
You're Changed
My Life


At the End of the Day is the fifth studio album from the Galactic Cowboys. Multiple reviewers found that the album contained subtle references to Christianity, but provided plenty of subtext to interpret meanings with. The album contains the band's Machine Fish Suite, a series of songs woven together, telling the story of the band up to that point (tracks 4–10 inclusive). All seven spill a lot of disillusionment, anger, and relief (that it's over). Drummer Alan Doss does lead vocals on the song "Through." Cross Rhythms Magazine said this about the album: "If you like quality music drenched in wit, coupled with lyrics that get the old grey cells working, then don’t miss out.” And The Phantom Tollbooth gushes about the album with this, "At the End of the Day, however, is as easy to love as their prior CDs, and a great way to get your friends, family, phone-line repairmen, and bus drivers into some great music. If you're unable to bring your stereo system on the metro bus with you, at the very least you could drive alongside the bus with your car stereo blaring."

Nothing To Say 4:36
Ants 4:05
Just Like Me 4:28
Machine Fish Suite
Where Do I Sign? 2:49
Bright Horizons 1:23
Puppet Show 5:12
Mr. Magnet 2:59
Never Understand 4:18
Ranch On Mars Pt. 2 (Set Me Free) 4:19
How Does It Feel 3:32
Young Man's Dream 4:42
Shine 4:09
The Shape 3:46
It's Not Over 4:49
Through 7:21
At The End Of The Day 3:09

BPCD1658 GALACTIC COWBOYS - LET IT GO CD 637405145304 (2000)

Let It Go is the 6th album by the Galactic Cowboys. Several of the songs on this album were originally written by Monty Colvin for a solo project, but were used instead on this album, since they were appropriate for the Galactic Cowboys style. The boy on the cover of this album is the son of Donovan White, who played guitar on the Crunchy album All Day Sucker. The album has lead vocal contributions from all members: Ben Huggins, Wally Farkas and Monty Colvin. Former drummer Alan Doss mixed the album, and contributed some backing vocals. King's X drummer Jerry Gaskill played most of the drums on the album. Wally also did drums on some tracks. The album has a rather strange intro proclaiming the band to have "a new sound for a new millennium" - hip hop. This leads us into a false sense of insecurity, before the opening riff of "T.I.M." plays.
The final track "The Record Ends" is the longest track on any Galactic Cowboys album. However, most of the latter part of the track is a cacophonous collage of sounds and samples. 

Phantom Tollbooth Review (2000)
Thank God for hard rockers with heart and a sense of humor. Let It Go, Galactic Cowboys' 6th full-length album to date, continues their practice of showing both heart and humor in abundance. The opening track, for example, is a curious loop of spoken word introductory bits and hip hop that is truly funnier to hear for yourself than to try to write about. This track ends abruptly as "T.I.M." crashes through the speakers boldly announcing that 2000 is not the year the Cowboys have chosen to alter their signature sound. Big and bold, with an edgy punk spirit, "T.I.M." goes on to take punches at the penchant of talk shows to air people's dirty laundry. The real insight underneath, however, is that a "total inside makeover" is absolutely the spiritual overhaul the "special guests" need to heal their familial woes. The result is both funny and insightful: trademark Galactic Cowboys fare.

The last song, "The Record Ends," concludes with a moment of Spinal Tap proportions, and quite possibly the longest and most absurd song ending in recorded history: all drum rolls and fuzzy guitar noise and nonsense. The fifteen other tracks in between have their amusing bits, too, like the imagery of Walt Disney spinning in his grave on the aptly titled "Disney's Spinnin'," which lambasts the media's obsession with death and evil. Later on "Hey Mr." the Office of the President and the media is taken to task for exaggerating his contributions to our country:

With eloquence on your side (no lie, no way)
Sincerity on your face (alright, ok)
And you look so dignified (no lie, no way)
My doubts are fully displaced (my fears allay)
Trees are greener now
Children laugh out loud
There is peace and harmony again
No pain or poverty
Thanks to your politics
I heard it all on N.P. Radio
Hey Mr., my hat is off to you
My Mr., my hat is off
I owe it all, I owe it all to you.

But, the shucks and hee haws aside, the Galactic Cowboys real gift is their ability to weave their satirically funny bits with the more poignant messages of being responsible for yourself and living a true life under God's loving tutelage.

Alan Doss, the band's former drummer left the band after their last and most ambitious album to date, At the End of the Day, but he's back here contributing from the mixing board. In his place King's X's drummer, Jerry Gaskill, fills in most of the drum parts with great, expected expertise, although the band's axe-man Wally Farkas takes a few turns behind the drum kit as well. (Farkas is also credited as the album's sole producer.) Other than that, the band remains the same and continues to churn out their melodic, yet hard-hitting take on metallic rock. While still managing to try out some new sounds like the instrumental jazz odyssey "Bucket of Chicken," Let It Go sounds consistent with their last few efforts: more soaring, growling chunk-ca-chunk guitar work coupled with clear melodies and harmonies and oodles of creativity in every corner.

Let It Go's only downside is a bit of a pacing problem toward the end, particularly around tracks 13 and 14 when the band experiments with longer keyboard-focused instrumentation in the songs "Swimming in December" and "Song for Sybo." These two lush songs stand in contrast to the more aggressive fare favored throughout the album, and as such feel a bit out of place, yet not entirely unwelcome as a break from the album's overall relentless energy.

Best of all, when some successful bands continue to churn out record after record, the thrust of what they have to say sometimes shifts from being hopeful and clear, to bitter and obscure. These cowboys haven't fallen into the trap of being too artsy or pessimistic for their own good, and, consequently, they continue their legacy of writing and playing relevant, right-on-target rock and roll ready for the year 2000. Steven S. Baldwin 7/29/2000

Introduction 1:14
T.I.M 3:34
A Different Way 3:32
Life And Times 4:34
Flag 3:15
Disney's Spinnin 4:35
Hey Mr 5:51
Another Hill 4:49
Dirty Hands 3:31
Boom! 1:21
Ordinary 2:53
Internalize 2:43
Swimming In December 10:28
Song For Sybo 2:51
Future 3:32
Bucket Of Chicken - A Live Improvisational Jazz Odyssey (Honey) 2:43
The Record Ends 12:34

Feel The Rage/The Struggle/Fear Not/Stress/Psychotic Companion/In This Life/Easy To Love/Red Sun/Idle Minds/The Lens/Pattin' Yourself On The Back/In A Lonely Room/9th Of June/Arrow

Feel The Rage/Paradigm Shift/I Want You/Junior's Farm/Idle Minds (Live)/9th Of June (Live)/Grandmother's Coffin

Tilt-A-Whirl/Evil Twin/Oregon/The Buzz/Tomorrow/Ribbon/Breakthrough/Bound/Media Slant/Mona Lisa/I Can't Wait/Trip On Love/You're Changed/My Life

Nothing To Say/Ants/Just Like Me/Where Do I Sign?/Bright Horizons/Puppet Show/Mr. Magnet/Never Understand/Ranch On Mars Pt. 2 (Set Me Free)/How Does It Feel/Young Man's Dream/Shine/The Shape/It's Not Over/Through/At The End Of The Day

Introduction/T.I.M./A Different Way/Life And Times/Flag/Disney's Spinnin/Hey Mr/Another Hill/Dirty Hands/Boom!/Ordinary/Internalize/Swimming In December/Song For Sybo/Future/Bucket Of Chicken - A Live Improvisational Jazz Odyssey (Honey)/The Record Ends