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GRAVE ROBBER - BE AFRAID (*NEW-CD, 2009, Retroactive) digipak Horror Punk like Misfits - Whoa!

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If you like your gothic/shock rock spiked with a little arsenic and a healthy dose of dark humor, check out Be Afraid! Band members Dr. Cadaver, Nameless, and Maggot offer you chainsaw guitars, super-tight arrangements, and blatant morbidity wrapped around insanely catchy choruses. Wretched provides elite vocal skills in a mesmerizing Danzig/Rob Halford sort of way! Their theatrical stage show, zombie-like costumes (in GWAR-like fashion!), let fans know this is not your everyday band. This four panel digipak is the re-release of the 2007 jewel case version. It features the alternate cover (that was the back panel on the 2007 edition) and the unreleased bonus track, Love Hurts made famous by band, Nazareth (exclusive to this release).