GRAVE ROBBER - ESCAPING THE GRAVE (*NEW-CD, 2018, Rottweiler) horror punk metal

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GRAVE ROBBER - ESCAPING THE GRAVE (*NEW-CD, 2018, Rottweiler) (*NEW-CD, 2018, Rottweiler) 

It's been over 7 years since Grave Robber's critically acclaimed "You're All Gonna Die" release. In that time the band faced many personal setbacks including family deaths, loss of band members, tour vehicles breaking down, personal struggles, and financial woes.

However, Grave Robber has NEVER been a band to roll over or surrender to adversity. The band has persevered through insurmountable odds and trials that would crush most bands.

And we are finally seeing the spoils of war. . .

Grave Robber's most raw, honest, aggressive record yet. . . Escaping The Grave!!

Not simply a metaphor for all believers in The Reanimator, who will escape the clutches of unending death and reap the promise of eternal life, The title "Escaping The Grave" is simultaneously a celebration of Grave Robber rising out of the ashes of 7 years of vexation.

Track listing:
1) Burial Ground
2) Into The Pit
3) The Evil Dead
4) Zombieland
5) The Beast Within
6) Lips Of Blood
7) The Conjuring
8) The Swarm
9) The Night Evelyn Came Out Of The Grave
10) Jet Black Tears
11) Escaping The Grave