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GRAVE ROBBER - INNER SANCTUM (Black Vinyl, 2011, Vinyl Remains)

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(VINYL LP) Second album from these horror-punks is finally available on vinyl, limited to 300 copies. Includes a double-sided 11'' x 11'' poster.


This album is simply amazing. While "Be Afraid" was comprised primarily of typical punk songs (but nevertheless very enjoyable), "Inner Sanctum" includes a larger variety of musical styles. If nothing else, buy it for "Valley of Dry Bones"- a much more melodic song than one would expect from a horror punk band. I've owned this CD for about a week and have probably listened to that particular track dozens of times. The hidden Black Sabbath cover is a very pleasant surprise as well! The lyrics throughout the entire album are thought provoking are primarily thickly veiled in horrific themes (while other times a bit more clear). All in all, I can honestly state that the songs on this album are much more enjoyable than any from comparable bands (The Misfits and GWAR, for example).