Grover Levy ‎– Wrestling Angels (*NEW-CD, 1997,Myrrh) Brilliant Christian Rock!

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 Grover Levy ‎– Wrestling Angels (*NEW-CD, 1997,Myrrh) Brilliant Christian Rock!

1 If You Want To Lead Me To Jesus 4:15
2 World Gone Crazy 3:44
3 Marrianne 4:39
4 Part Of Life 2:52
5 Grace My Life 3:42
6 Tell Us What We Want To Hear 5:24
7 Wander Below 3:37
8 Wrestling Angels 3:05
9 As Long As There Is Time 3:10
10 Dear God 3:33

Grover Levy came on the CCM scene just at the very beginning of the explosion of the Christian music scene when DC Talk, Jars of Clay and Peter Furler and The Newsboys et al, were playing to crowds of 30,000-plus and were making CCM one of the most popular forms of music in the world.

If You Want To Lead Me To Jesus is more relevant now then when it was written in the late 90's. Re-released it would be a massive hit. Wrestling Angels has so many possible "hit songs" that it is a wonder that Levy left the scene the way he did. But it appears that as a High School Teacher/Basketball Coach, he has a good life.

Grover Levy had a few "hits" back in the day (as they say) with There Is A Life and Marrianne. But as I wrote in my other review, if anyone takes a moment to listen to "When We Fail Love,"(on Levy's self titled album) they are ushered into a reality that almost every Christian or many, many people for that matter, know all too well: The song will never leave you and will be as strikingly emotional every time you listen to it:

Pick up the pieces, Let’s see what’s been broken, What’s become of us?, How do we manage, To do so much damage, To the ones we love
When we care so much?

Levy's vocal style is hauntingly smooth and grumbly at the same time. You can feel that he cares about what he writes and so does God. His songs are unmistakably theological but without being ultra preachy. Each song is a stand alone statement of profound excellence. The musicians seemed to know they were playing incredible music.

Wrestling Angels, like the self-titled Album should be re-released as Levy was WAY ahead of his time and CCM has caught up to his message.