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HAVEN - YOUR DYING DAY (Retroarchives Edition) (*NEW-CD, Retroactive, 2012)

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sealed compact disc


Haven was a Christian Heavy Metal band from the United States that released Your Dying Day on the legendary R.E.X. Records in 1990. The album was, and still is, an example of a Christian band getting it right in terms of releasing music that stood apart from other heavy metal bands through their artful progressive bent. This debut release showed its impact immediately by transcending the metal label, while sealing the band's reputation for cerebral compositions. The 80's metal scene celebrated excessive use of drugs and alcohol, and that influence resulted in alienation and hardship. Those hardships would open the gateway to Grunge and Alternative - but in 1990 we weren't there just yet! Queensryche set the bar for metal that moved beyond cliche' with 1988's Operation Mindcrime. Your Dying Day, is a stellar brand of progressive power metal with subtle thrash influences that provided musical and spiritual depth in the face of cultural shallowness. It was the perfect album, released at just the right time. This Retroarchives Edition released on Retroactive Records in 2012 and is packaged in a 4 panel, full color digipak. For fans of Deliverance, Recon, Sacred Warrior, and Queensryche! 01 On Judgment Day 02 Deliver Me 03 Murder 04 Below The Grave 05 The Calling 06 America 07 Escape 08 Help Me Follow 09 I Found Love 10 Your Dying Day