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Founder of the band, vocalist Michael Hero, was raised in the cold northern part of Sweden. He started playing guitar when he was just 9 years old, rocking out to classic rockers like Kiss and Judas Priest. Michael now runs a real-life "School Of Rock" project in Stockholm, working with youth and coaching many bands. In 2006, the band self-released an album called "Bless This Nation" that features brothers Torbjšrn and Tomas Weinesjš (from the legendary Veni Domine).

Their sophomore release, IMMORTAL, instantly immerses the listener in an aura of majesty - heavy groove-ridden guitars (Bjorn), thundering bass, and bombastic drums (Danny Boy). But it is Michael's melodic baritone vocals that bring it all together with drama-filled, memorable, strong melodies. Don't expect to find Hero trying to be the loudest, play the fastest, or sing the highest, but definitely expect IMMORTAL to successfully grab the listener and intelligently journey through tragedy and triumph / despair & hope.

AFTERLIFE is the band's third release that embraces what Hero does best by offering a strong classic rock & metal feel (Stryper, Kiss) combined with the dark, modern vibe of bands like Veni Domine, Saviour Machine, HIM, Lacuna Coil, and mid-period Deliverance! Goth-tinged metal filled with majesty and melody has finally found a worthy HERO!