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I Built The Cross ‎– Bridging The Gap Between Mind And Heart (*NEW-CD, 2009, Open Grave) Brilliant technical death metal

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I Built The Cross ‎– Bridging The Gap Between Mind And Heart (*NEW-CD, 2009, Open Grave) Brilliant technical death metal

I Built the Cross unleash their debut album of mind boggling technical death metal. The only words that we could come up with to describe this album is sick and disturbing. Others have tried, I Built the Cross does.

What comes to mind when you think about Christian metal? Shallow metalcore band with preahcy lyrics, and boring music? Well..think again. The debut album from I Built The Cross titled "Bridging the Gap Between Mind and Heart" is anything but generic metalcore. If you were to just listen to the band without any priro knowledge their releigion of choice would've had no bearing. This is some fo the more brutal christian metal, or metal in any genre. Thins early All Shall Perish, but on a crack binge acid trip...It's insane. The guitars reek of terror and will have you seeking your nearest cross to worship your maker. The vocals are inspired to say the least as the vicalist sounds like a evangelion hellbent on spreading the gospel with his gutteral screaming. Intense doesn't even begin to descbrie this.

What makes the album stand amout among the other hundread or so "Yeah, We're pissed off and brutal" bands is that as brutal as they are, they're just as technicial. Just before your ears starting filling with blood the guitars get all "noodlely", and fast, and springing,(in a good way) and techdeath esque, and it really helps broaden the record. After being hammered by the hand of god, you need a little technicial-ness. Did I mention no one in the band is over 20? Yeah, these guys aren't even in their prime yet. The riffs are fast, hard, and bludgeoning. Sometimes it's hard to believe you're hearing such intensity let for y'know God.

"Misguided Ministry" comes off initally as a 10 ton halo dropping on your face. Then it turn onto a well crafted, halo with pretty design, and other stuff that still falls on your head. Point being it open aggressively like then literally goes all over the place, but still keeps a beat and melody. It's hard to describe....Like a well choregraphed train wreak. Genre wise....I'd have to say technicial deathcore. Alot of the songs have breakdown, but the voclaist is well above average, and the music is technical. This is some of the better deathcore out there. Now on to the best tracks.

"To Deface Grace" Gives you a :45 head start before the chaos ensues. Think Spawn Of Possession playing while falling out of a jet on meth and any other drug you can think of. It's almost gets Behemoth-esque, it goes gets bigger, louder, and faster. But the production never lets the gutiars lose focus. I wonder if angels shred like this.

"Romans: 120" The melody in this track is probabaly the most catchy on the album. You gets riffs ontop of riffs, and a solo you won't soon forget. The songs gets epic in the best way. It never lets up, and never stop throwing new things at you. The vocalist show his range, the drumming is great and....another there's another solo near the end. Best song on the album. This song is proff there have to be mosh Pits in heaven.

"Head High Heavy Heart" Shows the band's diversity, and is the most melodic track. Not melodic in a "hey lets sing about Jesus" way. But in a "Hey God is awesome so chill back and listen to you ears ***** dying because of his awesomeness" The breakdown is a little song, but it's nasty doesn't let go of your throat. Go get a bible and repent already.

"Borrowed Parts" Bliss. Pure bliss. This track sounds like it has six gutitar players at once. You could literally listen to this song one hundred times and still pick things. It's so complex, and well crafted and the pruduction and vocals shine. The 3:25 mark is as peaceful as this albums gets, and it's beautiful. This is what you call diversity. Becoming The Archtype style ending.

But there are the negatives. If you're not careful this album could scare you away. It is BRUTAL, and never lets up (is this a bad thing?). No piano interludes, acoutic breakdowns(except for the end track) or times to catch your breath. It makes take a few listens to adjust. Also the drums aren't quite as brutal and as prevelant as the guitars and vocals are kind of restricted. But those of just minor flaws. This is heavy metal, plain and simple. It's brutal, fast, and technicial. Just because they're christian doesn't mean you satan loving badasses can give it a try, becuase truth be told most of the fellas for satan don't get this heavy. Repent! Or at least listent to this album.

1 The Narration 1:18
2 Minus One Star For Christianity 2:02
3 Hatred For The Religious 4:36
4 Misguided Ministry 4:19
5 Stand Together 2:07
6 To Deface Grace 4:53
7 Heart Of A Servant 2:43
8 Romans 1:20 4:44
9 Head High Heavy Heart
Written-By – Charlatan (3)
10 Borrowed Parts
Written-By [Authored By] – Gabi Rose
11 Ascension 2:07